Saturday, February 29, 2020

Unbelievable Set of Events!

There is this Indian (or as they're called here in North America, East Indian) fella at work who started a few days after I did. I always had friends from Indian Subcontinent. So I approached him with my usual Hi and Hello and he seemed to be a good guy. I mentioned a few things about their food, what I know about India and else and finally we ended up having a friendly dinner a few nights ago, despite the fact that he is a family man with 2 kids! 
This is something which has not happened with neither The Mumbling Guy or Newlywed who are both from that region, in the past 8 years or so. The Mumbling Guy is the cheapest person I've ever seen and Newlywed while much better than him, is very careful with money as well but he left Alberta 4 years ago and our only way of communication is e-mail and occasional telephone calls.
So we met in a parking lot and the first surprise was him asking me to join him in his car while I had my car and I'm saying this because we were going to Airdrie to have our supper and he was fine with driving his SUV there. 
We went to this place called Taj Indian Restaurant and there were a number of people there. The menu was given to us and the food looked expensive to me. I haven't been to an Indian restaurant for a long time or any restaurant for that matter. I've been to buffets though. I ordered Mixed Vegetable Curry with one Whole Wheat Roti. The meal was $15 and the tiny bread was $2. He ordered some Chicken meal which I don't recall what it was exactly but when I tried a piece, after he insisted, I found it a bit bland which I didn't expect in an Indian restaurant! The vegetable meal was not bad but the portion was too small although I have no scale to compare it with other restaurants. We chatted for a while and some of the things he told me was quite hard to believe! For example he said that he has a plan to go on a cruise with his family in summer for a week and he doesn't care if the company gives him any paid vacation or not! He believes that he would be eligible for a week of paid vacation because it would then be 6 months that he would be working for them but I told him that is not how it works! He then said that he would use unpaid vacation! 
During the conversation he added that he worked for an energy company for almost the same period I did and then got laid off but he was able to purchase a property with the money he had made. It's not in an upscale community or something.   
He also added that he would go to India this December for 2 months with his family! When I asked about employment and the kid's school, he said he would find another job when he comes back and the kids would simply continue their school after they come back! For someone who has a Masters Degree it's a quite strange answer! 
The real surprise came after all these unbelievable statements. When we asked for the bill (or as it's called the check, in the US) he didn't let me pay! He took cash from his wallet and paid for the both of us! I would not have believed such a thing, if I had not been present in the restaurant myself! He had said earlier, I must add, that he had a part-time job as a Delivery Person which for that he gets paid in cash! 
He then drop me when I had parked and we split after saying that we would do that again. He also said that I could go to India with him if I wanted to and he would help me to go around and everything, something that I would very much like to do. I'll see where the next meeting would go.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

What Have Aboriginal People Done for Canada??!!

Canada, as I have written previously, is nothing but a big dumpster that everyone throws their garbage in! No offence to Canadians as I have found many nice and respectful people in this country but criminals, retards, lazy asses, liar, you name it, from all around the world make up a story to land in Canada and benefit from it. I, on the contrary, had to wait more than 5 years to receive my visa and this is my situation after all these years: Working a labour job with a wage not higher than minimum! If it was not because of the sanctions that the major ally of this country has imposed on the original country, which by the way has destroyed the economy, I would not stay here in a week. 
On the other hand most of the filthy animals that I listed them above, eventually move their asses and get to a sort of job and make a living. Majority become the Cheap Labour Force that Canada let them in for, in the first place. Some get into crimes and since Canada is the criminal's heaven, they mostly live for years until either their rivals shot them in the head or under rare circumstances a court sentence them to a long-term imprisonment. That, by the way, could be appealed several times and occasionally they acquitted!  
What have Aboriginal people of Canada have do for this country in the past 150 years that this country has been founded??!! How much have they contributed to the society? Majority of them don't even work. They stay in the so-called reserve and they say there's no work! They stay in remote areas of the country where their ancestors used to live and tend to live how they use to live thousands of years ago: By hunting! Who lives by hunting in 21st Century?!
Majority of them are either drunkard or drug-addict, wandering around the city going from this liquor store to that liquor store, from this McDonald's to that convenience store and from this shelter to that shelter. 
These days they have decided to do something positive with their time and contribute to Canadian society by blocking the rail tracks!! These brainless idiots, no matter what their intention is, have made a wrong decision and they have been hurting the country's economy seriously and the pathetic Government of Canada led by Trudeau hasn't been able to do a damn thing! 
More stupid than this is the reaction of railroad companies just a few days after the blockade: Laying off the employees as many as 1000!!!! These are the benefits of a Capitalist Democracy in West! Millions of people can not handle a bunch of useless, disgusting Native people who have caused major issued in the country! 
(Photo: A confrontation between members of an Aboriginal group with one person holding their flag and members of an opposition group)

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Disgusted in a Supermarket

I was at a Safeway supermarket a couple of weeks ago and as soon as I entered a movement by a female-like security shit caught my eyes. The disgusting animal walked up to a bin in Bulk Section, reached into the bin, grabbed an item (looked like a Brittle snack), broke it, put one piece back and the other in her filthy mouth! I was so disgusted by this animal that I was going to walk up to her and punch her in the ugly face!
I had to do something! So I walked up to a guy in uniform who was putting items on a shelf. I asked him if he was the Store Manager and he said that he was an assistant. I told him and he said something like he would talk to her! I went home and I wrote to Safeway Customer Service.
I noticed a missed call a few days after that. The call was from a District Manager of Safeway. He apologized to me and added that the shithead Security Guard woman-like creature, who by the way looked like East Indian, would be transferred to another location and after she has a conversation about what she had done! 
Is that the freaking solution?! I go to the supermarket and the motherf*cker is there! I write back to the Customer Service and then the District Manager called again! I don't respond this time because that's ridiculous! The next time I go there she's not there but how could someone be so disgusting to do something like that?! Even hoboes when take something, they don't put half of that back! Piece of shit!
(Photo: Security guards are even less valuable and effective than a scarecrow in a pumpkin patch!) 

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Good Credit Score

I had an appointment with my bank today. Wanted to see if I would be eligible for a home loan or not! Can you freaking believe this? Living in this country for over 15 years and still a loser tenant! People buy property after 2 years they land in Canada
I went to a bank with The Lady back in 2012 but she eventually opposed to purchasing a property in Calgary, citing the weather. Here I'm now, a big loser, who embarrasses himself in front of the Mortgage Specialist by telling him his ridiculous wage! The fact is I'm not making even half of what I used to make back in 2012! Not even close to half! And now have to go and get a freaking " Letter of Employment " which is another embarrassment! 
One thing that he said me, tough, is that I have a good Credit Score, over 820! It considered very good actually. I'm determined to buy something in the city outskirts. I know I can't afford anything is a nice and quiet neighbourhood of the city. Besides I'm trying to avoid the disgusting traffic which I hear on the radio everyday, as well as certain neighbourhoods! 
I know it'd a rick but I have no choice. I'm losing my health, sanity, everything! These apartments and high rises in the city they all have at least one or more problem:

1) Motherfucker drunkards
2) Disgusting asshole drug addicts
3) Hairy pets
4) Late parties
5) Disgraceful, motherfucker rednecks
6) Stinking animals who barely take a bath or shower
7) Pathetic losers who let, support and sympathies with hobos and let them in

Now I have to see if the company issues that freaking " Letter of Employment " or not and go from there. Maybe I can rescue myself from this deep hole that I have been in for years! 

Saturday, February 08, 2020

From the Youngest to (one of) the Oldest

When I joined the nasty, disgusting, racist, illiterate, ignorant a*holes in that so-called Engineering firm(!) back in 2011, I was amongst the youngest in the company. Perhaps there were not more than a handful of people who were younger than me. I also was one of the most experienced, the mostly trained and the most educated of all and I'm not exaggerating. 
The company basically consisted of a bunch of hungry Eastern European as*holes who were fucked by the fake Communist regimes for decades and then somehow found their way to Canada and got hired! I eventually got kicked out (laid off) of there back in 2015.
Now I've been doing a shit job which is basically a survival kit! I'm only lucky that I got no debt. Not a Penny. I also am happy that I'm not a drunkard, a smoker, not even cigarette, let alone weed that is everyone's pride in the great country of Canada, not a gambler and not an out-eater. That's how I survive.
Having said that, I was called to the office a few days ago and here there were: The supervisor, the team leader and the representative of the manager. It was the end of my probation and I didn't think they would consider that so serious but they had! They presented me with an evaluation paper and told me that I had been doing well. I thanked them all and indicated that it would not have happened, had it not because of their help and guidance. They also handed me a benefit form and told me that there would be a wage increase. The number that the supervisor named me is not even as much as I used to be paid back in 2018 but what can I do? We have some overtime now but we were told that the overtime soon will be slashed! I guess in this economy that unemployment and underemployment is high, I have to be very careful. I heard that one of the big Cannabis companies has just laid off 400 employees! I don't know what the hell these idiots are doing! With this shit Cannabis stores popping up everywhere in the city, I wonder why these as*holes are having difficulty making people more stupid!