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A Beautiful Trip to Edmonton

It had been plan to have a trip up to Edmonton this past Fri., almost 10 days ago and finally I made it yesterday and I have to say: That was one of the most beautiful trips I have ever made! We were supposed to be a group of three but one indicated, shortly before the trip that he would be going much earlier because he had to check something else. So I picked up the other guy, a fucking idiot, wimp on my way up. This twat is even worse than The Mumbling Guy and I have to find a nickname for him. However he is a nice guy in many other ways. The drive was fine all the way to Edmonton and we were there according to the schedule.  The meeting and related visit also went very well and I'm happy that I didn't have to deal with any jerk. Sphinx , that would be the shithead who accompanied me, was quiet most of the time because he's even worse than The Mumbling Guy when the times comes to speak. The first interesting part of the trip appeared at this point.  The third g

AWS Issues

Although we barely work with American standards and documents but at many occasions they are the only available and reliable standards. I personally had to refer to different American documents including AWS and ASTM several times and I have found two issues with one specific standard that I would like to complain about: 1-       American standards, in my experience, ASME and AWS which I had referred to few times are written or would be better to say printed in column format! I have no idea why they do that and what benefit it might have. There are two columns in a page and instead of starting from the left side of the line, finishing on right and continuing on the next line they write to the middle of the page and they go to the next line, in this way making a column and then when they hit the bottom to go back up to the first line, leave a little gap and continue what had been left from the bottom of the page and make the second column similar to the first one. 2-       T

The Filth

Many years ago I started this book called Roots by Alex Haley , a story of slavery in the US . It's a wonderful book although the late Haley  used his imagination in many parts to strengthen the story and of course like many African-American s he intended to show how great they all are! That's another topic which I may cover later and it's something within most people when they come to North America . As soon as you talk to them they tell you how wonderful their life was, how great their country is and how tasteful and healthy their food is. I wonder why they come to this part of the word, if they had such a wonderful life! Again that's another topic which will be covered later.  There was a preface to the story by the translator, of course, as I read it in Persian , and he pointed at racism, poverty, filth and other problems in the US . I paid not much attention to that part because I was interested in the story. Furthermore I considered that part of the book as

Disappointing Winter Days

After a few days of extreme Arctic cold, the weather was changed and we have experienced above 0 degree temperature for the past 10 days and will probably be the same for the next days. We went Ice Skating  in Olympic Plaza regardless, two days in a row, last Sun. and Mon. which was good especially on Mon. as it was not crowded and of course to The Olympic Oval as part of the newly registered skating. That was the second session. Today I went for a walk at around 13:00 in Glenmore Park and 90th Ave. neighbourhood. The weather was very complying to the old and wimp. Just a bit windy. I had a dental procedure yesterday, a tough one which prohibits me from having extreme exercises including running. So it's very unfortunate that I can't go running maybe for the next few days while I went many days in sub-zero temperature days.  (Photo: Clouds look amazing over thawing Glenmore Reservoir in this afternoon of January)

Workplace Stories (16): When an Idiot is Scammed

I've already written once about this moron who joined us at work a few years back. Today something happened that made one of the most amazing working days of my life! It was lunch time and I was reading. I didn't have anything for lunch and I wasn't hungry. I realized that The Mumbling Guy took his lunch into his office and started eating as usual. Same shit that he does every day! And I was thinking: how could these people have the same thing over and over, every fucking day: Going to the nasty kitchen, put their garbage disgusting food in the fucking disgusting microwave, hear the stupid beep beep, going back to the office and chowing like a horse! That would suck, if I had to do it on daily basis. I then turned back to my book, which by the way is for another certificate and I gave it another break, I realized he was talking at the same time that he was taking the bites. That lasted unusually for about, maybe 6 to 7 minutes. I went back to my studies and forgot about i

American Sniper

I always liked Eastwood movies and enjoyed almost all of the ones that I watched and own many of them on disk. Unforgiven , in my opinion is a masterpiece. In Gran Torino Eastwood performs unbelievably well at that age. His old movies such as The Good, The Bad and The Ugly and the other in that genre are excellent. He made two movies back to back about the Pacific War  which I liked them both very much. His Dirty Harry  series didn't attract me very much but is OK. The only movie of him that I haven't watched to the end is Firefox . This is a movie that he plays the role of a pilot who is given this mission to go to Soviet Union and steal a newly designed and manufactured jet, MIG-25 code named Firefox by NATO . The movie was actually for years on my list but regardless of its good start it falls into a series of tedious dialogue that I could not tolerate and left it to watch later but that later has not come yet. When I realized that American Sniper was directed b

Fitbit and Skating

I wanted to see how fitbit works during skating so when we went to Olympic Plaza today and shortly skates, I made sure I checked my results on the dashboard. Apparently if I skate the way I usually do and even a bit fast, as it's not possible, it shows less activity and less energy consumption which makes sense.  We were not sure if we should go there tonight because the thermometer was showing above zero temperature and in cases like that the surface of ice gets slushy. We decided to go eventually because we are going to start our practice in Olympic Oval soon and we need to be ready. It was not very crowded but a good number of people were there. The ice was not slushy as I had though but it had big grooves and scratches, particularly at the side and corners. The Lady was a bit tired as a lock of enough sleep in the past two night and also had a soar muscle so she did not practice more than 15 minutes. I did a little more and enjoyed as long as half and hour with a few s

Beautiful Winter of Alberta

Real Canadian winter started right after the New Year's Day and it has has been very cold everyday except for a one day break but that has not been held me back from my regular exercises mostly. I purchased a Balaclava from SportChek a few days ago and used it once during my jogging on Bow River Pathway when the temperature had plunged to -18 degrees C , not considering the windchill but I haven't been out to the mountains since my last short hike to Johnston Canyon .  A small group was gathered in front of the municipality building to condemn the recent terrorist acts in Paris, France. Today we went to Olympic Plaza shortly after the noon and it was very pleasant where we practices for about an hour. The temperature in the morning around 10:30 AM when I went for a walk was about -8 degrees C and then went up to -3 degrees C and that helped a good practice.  A sunny afternoon pushed many Calgarians out of their shelters to enjoy a few minutes of skatin

Bowness Park in Winter

I went to Bowness Park for the second time in the past 5 days. It's such wonderful place even in winter. The temperature plunged into -18 Degrees C (not considering windchill) but that didn't stop me from going. A building at the north bank of the river (which is considered another park and I will write about it later) rang a bell and I thought I might had been there some 10 years ago when I used to do lots of cycling around the city but I'm not sure. My main purpose today was visiting the lagoon and practicing some skating but I only managed to to that for around 20 min.  It was so cold that I could barely tie the skate and when I finally managed to do that, I realized that I need lots of practice. I was OK after 15 min. but the ice, similar to most of the outdoor rinks, was very bumpy and full of cracks. My assumption was that the City runs a Zamboni off and on on the ice but I was wrong! Bowness Park from Baker Park at Sunset. This was taken on New Years Ev


Homelessness is a phenomena which is very common in North America , I heard. I have seen it excessively in Vancouver and Calgary . The Federal Government and perhaps the municipal and provincials as well provide funds and services for the people who are considered homeless but I'm not sure what qualifies you to receive those kind of services. I am practically homeless because despite living here for years I never possessed any property and will probably will never posses one but that alone does not qualify me to receive different services that are available to homeless people. I have seen and personally seen people who simply use or abuse the service which in fact should not be available to them. These are the examples I can provide: - Yahya , and I only name him here because I'm sure there would be no chance for him or a relative or friend of him to read this and his surname is protected, a guy from Afghanistan was a guy I met once. He uses the facility provided to hom