Monday, April 27, 2009

A Big Idiot

As I mentioned earlier once, one big problem I've always had at work, is idiots as colleagues, the people who make your easy job, hard at times. This guy who works with me at the time is a big jerk. He's really big in size of his body but has a small brain.
Last night we went to a McDonald's in the neighbourhood for a little dinner. He ordered a large fries (I just had one piece and it was so salty!), a big Hamburger with Cheddar and Bacon, a small sandwich and a large coke. I guess by eating all that crap he got something between 1500 to 2000 calories! And he's less 25, barely able to bend because of his big belly!
Anyways I just came to write one more thing of this shitty stupid life of mine(!) but I think that's all about it. Enough of this crap!
(Photo: A very tempting McDonald's burger, full of energy and fat!)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Hearing of the Achivements on a Daily Bases

I've posted about the Iranians who tended to be famous and rich in West and made, if not the front pages, at least the middle ones in the newspapers, a few times and examples are here, here and here but sounds like there is a race for them now and there's not a day that you turn pages of a major daily paper and don't read something new about their achievements. Congratulations everyone. You did it!
(Photo: Scanned from the Province, Metro Vancouver's newspaper, the paper shows a chronic and well known offender, Mohammad Rahimi from Iranian origins)

Monday, April 20, 2009

How Did They Fuck Themselves?

Canada is founded based on immigration and accepts immigrants and refugees every day. I don't understand this fucking system! You have people here but the assholes, all they want to do is smoking pot, drink beer and fuck women (or men, if they are girls) and then you have to import people to do the jobs!

I remember once I read that for one of the big projects in B. C., I guess it's Golden Ear Bridge, They let construction workers from Poland or some other craphole like that!

So they've been doing it and now they regret! I never knew that I was goin' to live in a country that people hate each other so much! This neighbourhood is Chinese, this one is East Indian, that one is Italian! Why the fuck can't you live like human beings all together? They must be separated by fences like animals in a zoo. The pages that I've scanned and put up here is a good example. A large population of East Indians who most of them are Punjabis live in Surrey and now the Caucasian people complain! Read what's in the paper. Why the fuck you are complaining? You, fucking idiots, you let them in and now they're taking over!
(Photo: Scan of part of the local newspaper published in Surrey, indicating people's concern regarding not paying enough attention to Christians)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Another Good Lesson for the Assholes

This entire North American society is built on fake and unnecessary beliefs. Now during this hard time of economic slump, many stupid industries are going down and talking the assholes with to deep shit with themselves.
The most recent fall down is one stupid company called Conquest Vacations. This is among many companies which takes the asshole all the way to shitholes like Mexico, Barbados, etc. Just imagine this: Most of the people have never seen further than their noses, go all the way to get undress and show their legs, bum or tits and find one-night-stand mates! So this top-rated high-quality service company took the people to fuck each other on the sands and then left them there and declared bankruptcy!
You fuck each other all the time in your cars, in the public washroom at your places and even in the office. Is this so important to fly that long to do the same thing over there?! If it is now you get fucked in the ass and get stranded in the airport with unpaid bills, you moron.
One of these faggots scumbags called his/her mom and asked to send money so s/he can pay the hotel's bill that his favorite travel agency had refused to earlier!
Many other of the fake and stupid industries are suffering heavily these days and people are being laid off daily. I just name a few: Ballet(!!) NHL and other professional sports (Big decrease in the number of tickets sold), etc. But this people have been brought up like this and they just woke up! But this is too late and not helpful. Another example is the morons who get tattoos for $50 or more and have no food to eat but McDonald's(!!) What can you say?! The only thing I can say when I see these type is: It's obvious and I can easily tell that you're an asshole, no need to prove it!

April Fool

We're half way through April and I haven't told any April Fool yet to anyone. I might tomorrow at work. A good one is dipicted in the link below:
It's from one of my all time favorite movies that I have written about earlier. Beautiful! If I make anything happens in terms of me making April Fool's story, I'll post it here later on.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Midnight Express

I don't write regularly as I used to because basically there's nothing to write. That's just the stupid job and boring chores. The only thing new and notable(!) is I have to work up to 01:30 AM and because there's no public transit and I have no vehicle I have to ride an old road bike all the way home.
I've got this old but really fast road bike from the City for free and spend a little more than $100 and it's good. It's only 20 KM from work to home but there're dangerous downhills with intersections and hard hills to go up and it's not really pleasant to do that after 8 hours of boring stupid work and at that time of the night. I did it for the second time last night and I guess I was home in less that 55 min. Good practice. I have a few more days like this but I hope I won't have to ride the bike home in the all said days.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Good Start, Bad Finish

I had a good start in March in my Cooper Test practicing. Everything was almost OK up to the 20th of this month and then the damn job and frustration got in the way and could not go on. I hope April a better month regardless the fact that today is the 4th and I haven't been to gymnasium even once!
(Photo: Six days out of seven are categorized as Good but I'm still far away 1.5 mile in 12 minutes that I need. My best run so far has been 1.45 mile)