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Days are passing so fast and I just waste most of my time. It seems like it was yesterday that I was writing about my monthly performance. My total performance in this month is better than the previous one. I only missed one day. In fact I ran 14 days in Oct. compare to 11 days in Sep. I even ran more but 14 is the number of days that I timed myself. Beside in this month I, at times did exercise 4 or 5 times a week. I added a considerable amount of indoor cycling, used more machines and experienced new exercises. One problem I have and must get over it in Nov. is doing work out in weekends. My capabilities drops sharply in weekends and that’s, I think because of lack of activity and eating too much! For example I had my worst time ever in Oct.22 which was a Sun.! I got 11:57 min., almost 1 min. longer than my close-to-the-best time! And that single day plus one more day affect my total performance of this month. If I look at the whole data as a SPC program, those two days are out

Constant Learning

With the new NHL season began a few weeks ago, we have at least three games every Sat. night, I guess. One of the plans is move NHL games from CBC to one of the numerous stations that you usu. get them on cable TV. It hasn’t happened yet so I still have the chance to watch the beautiful games. Washington was playing in Edmonton against the Oilers and I caught the game from the second period where it was 1-0 Edmonton . It was a nice game like all NHL game and the Oilers beat the Capitals 4-0 at the end. Just a few second left to the game, the Capitals pulled out their goalie in order to be able to attack using 6 players and that was when they were fallen behind 0-3! Then they accepted the forth goal and the goalie returned to his position! Coaches usually do that when they are one score behind not when it’s like that but what one of the commentators said last week when Detroit was playing against the Oilers in Edmonton is interesting. He said coaches use every opportunit

Trevor Berbick: Another Example

Canada has had problems with Black immigrants since they started coming to this part of the world! They always dishonor the country but what can you do? They do have benefits too. The thing is their disadvantages are much bigger than their advantages but Canadians don’t see that, like many other obvious facts they ignore. What can you do with them? You can’t turn a donkey to a horse! They are all like this. Look at them: Michael Jackson , a two-time child molester accused who ran away from the States and hiding somewhere in Europe ! Mike Tyson , who was convicted of rape, spent a few years behind the bars, converted to Islam (This is really hilarious. Actually this is very good because that's exactly what Islam is, where outlaws hide themselves behind of the mask of the most violent faith in the world. The faith which its believers and followers burn the embassies and climb up the walls for cartoons!) and now is begging for money by touring the US and performing boxing exhib

Flags of Our Fathers

I finally watched a good movie in a theatre after a few disappointing ones. I caught Flags of our Fathers in Chinook . First I thought it's a new version of Saving Private Ryan as everything looked the same at the beginning but then it turned a little different! Yes. Just a little different! It's a new version of that movie but Eastwood tells us the story of Iwo Jima island where Americans and Japanese fought for a piece of rock in the last days of WWII . He has added a few good points and facts about American society which makes it valuable: The propaganda, life of native Americans or as they call 'em Indians ! and in a way American way of life which is full of dreams. Anyhow that's a good movie also for the ones who like to see war scenes. So don't miss the chance and get it in a theatre 'cause it's worth watching on big screen. Don't wait for the DVD. (Photo: American soldiers raise their nationsl flag on top of Iwo Jima island in the la

Side Flake

I have to find a solution to my permanent problem with morons, eventually. I’m not a genius but what’s make me different from others at job, according to my previous employers and bosses is I’m a very organized and totally devoted to my work. I also can say that I’m workaholic too. This is another story of the idiots that I deal with almost every day: One of the maintenance lead hands asked me to order a kind of plastic chain that is being used on slaughter floor, almost 10 days ago. I called the sales department of the supplier company, which I rather not name it here, and talked to a man regarding our need. He took the order and also said that he would meet with me and discuss the business. He came over and I gave him a chain link as sample of what we needed. The guy told me that he had been working for the company for almost 15 years . So far so good. Then we received 3 boxes of chain last Tue. and I was notified by the lead hand that the chain is not what he was waiting for! “Ther

A Piece of Cake or a Headache?

I’ve got my passport and it’s quite a story. Seems like no part of my life would be ordinary! Here it is: I filled out the application form online and then went to the passport office to deliver it. I entered the room, told the old man over there needed to hand in my documents; he took a look, confirmed, and gave me a number and boom! That was me whom was called! I gave the lady the documents and the whole process didn’t take more than 10 min. ! I was told that it usually takes 10 working days to have the passport at the address. Then last Fri. (13th. What a day!) when I got home I saw a delivery notice. That was strange becuase I wasn’t expecting anything. Also the notice was hung at the door nob. I was so suspicious! I thought, then, that’s a letter from Passport Canada saying that I have to find another reference. That’s because I and D. H.  who’s one of my references, had a kind of silent verbal fight and I thought when he received the call from the passport office he denied th

Arar's End

I've been keeping my eyes on Arar 's case since the beginning. You might know about him but if you don't, you can go back to Nov. of '03 and Jan. of '04 in the blog. What's happened finally to the guy is first of all RCMP was found guilty of passing wrong information to Americans which led to his arrest, deportation and torture in Syria . The head of RCMP was questioned by MPs and then apologized to him, but didn't resigned. He's an Italian guy who's an immigrant himself. The statements he made and his apology doesn't seem satisfactory to the House and he might be asked to step forward and explain for the second time. Arar also has sued the Government for $ 400 million ! He's obviously an smart guy. He used to work for a company in Ottawa as an engineer but lost his position after he got back to Canada . It's unknown to me how he has been managing his life with a wife and two kids. Also how he affords a lawyer is another questi

Rex's Good Point

There’s a guy called Rex Murphy who at times analyzes daily events in CBC ’s The National . I’ve never paid enough attention to the points he brings up in his short program called Point of View until tonight, partially because of his strange accent which makes what he says a little difficult to understand but finally tonight I listened to what he said about a few of celebrities including Bono . That was really catchy. He says Bono encourages the Irish government as well as other Western , rich countries, such as Canada to spend more money on developing countries and complains that they don’t provide enough help but has moved to Amsterdam to pay less tax, as that city is easier on taxpayers compare to Ireland ! He wants more tax to be spent on poor countries but he doesn’t wanna pay tax! (Photo: Rex Murphy of The National's CBC)

Man of the Year: Not Even A Comedy!

I'm completely disappointed with Robin Williams . I haven't been to a theatre for a long time and last week I received four discounted movie tickets from the company. So I decided to catch a movie and I didn't know which one is good. So I said: Let's go watch Man of the Year , the latest comedy of RV 's actor. What was the result then? Same crap, even worse! There was a few scene that the movie turned to a drama and I've never seen a comedy like that before! I'm telling you don't waste your money and 01:55 of your day. It's not worth it. The movie is so boring that I was gonna leave but forced myself to stay. Even Canadians who laugh at almost everything which barely brings a smile to my face were mostly silent. A comedian runs for the US Presidency and wins but is informed by a computer company's employee that there was a malfunction and he didn't win. The company which provides the voting systems and faces bankruptcy tries to stop the


One of my problems in life has always been not being able to stay away from fools! But everyone is fool in a way, even me! I’m fool because I’m a troublemaker and when I make trouble for others, that comes back to me later, most of the time! The good thing is I know my malfunction and managing. Many people don’t! That’s where their life gets ugly. Once I was told by an Afghan whom I used to know that he had received a letter indicating he won a lottery! He, then, showed me the letter. Everything seemed fine: His name and family name, his address and so on. The sender somewhere in Spain asked that fool to open an account so he would deposit the money which was something around € 250,000 to that account. But he had to pay kind of administration fee, something around US $1000 . I explained to that animal the fact that it’s a fraud. I said: " He would take that money and never deposit a single penny in your account." But that stupid scum didn’t believe me and drove me to his

The War Tapes

The War Tapes is a documentary in war in Iraq , taken by three American soldiers using amateur cameras last year and has been released recently. I watched that last weekend. A documentary, esp. one from a very violent war is not easy to make. How do you expect the soldier to do the filming while being under fire from every different corner? So what’s the solution? The soldiers shouldn’t be doing the filming! That’s why I didn’t find it very interesting but it worth watching once. I always wanted to know what makes an American to go to Iraq regardless of the fact that I’m appreciated and elated. And I think I find the answer finally but only partially. One of them said: When New York was hit, I felt my home got hit and then I was ready to go and now I’m here! The other one was a fucking stupid animal Lebanese , an Arab obviously, he had migrated with is family to the US when he was 10. He was obviously there ‘cause he couldn’t do anything else. What do you expect from an animal


I watched RV on DVD last night. It’s one of the movies that I wanted to watch in theatre but couldn’t and I’m happy for that! It’s supposed to be a comedy but rarely makes you laugh. If a movie is good, I usu. watch it more than once and at times if I really like it, I buy the DVD but RV is not one. You can not compare it to any of Jim Carry movies. Robin Williams is a veteran actor but he has jumped to different genres. I don’t remember I’ve seen many movies of him but he’s very popular. A movie of him that I watched and enjoyed and that was the only one is Mrs. Doubtfire . That’s the movie I’ll rent again and prob. buy if I like it. But RV is just an average movie. It longs a little more than hour and a half and I think the scenarist tried very hard to make it that long because all he could do is adding more RV camps to the screenplay and that doesn’t make much difference in what might happen to a family on a camping trip. There’s a scene that the RV rolls back to a lake and sin

Hardest Part of a Job

Do you know what the worst part of a job is? It’s not straight working for more than 8 hours . It’s not waking up early. It’s not gluing your eyes to the screen for hours. It’s not running up and down the stairs. So what's it then? It’s dealing with idiots. And that happens every often at my job. The other day one of the guys, an Iraqi physician who used to live in Iran for quite a long time, prob. because he’s Shia and works as safety coordinator came to me and asked what kind of chemical a Current Issue is??!! Just imagine what kind of moron he is! Our suppliers usu. send us a bunch of papers with their products and that’s called MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet). In that document they explain what possible dangers are hidden in the material, what the safety cautions are and more useful information in that regard. The guy, who his name is Ali and has changed it to Alex , said he wants to know what type of chemical a Current Issue is?! That was prob. a printing error in th

Sep. Performance

I have been practicing track running since June but I just started more frequent running in Sep. and jutted down the results. The above is the chart performance. Every lap is about 235 m and I usually make 10 laps. So it’s 2.35 Km altogether. My goal is to run 2.4 Km in less than 11 min. which would be excellent at my age. Many factors are effective in performance. Amongst them are the following: 1- The food the athlete have in the day of practice and the gap between the last meal and exercise. Running with filled up stomach or shortly after the meal, is an absolute stupidity. 2- Temperature and humidity. That is actually a controlled factor in a sport complex but the athlete can change it due to his or her need by using different types of apparel. 3- Tiredness. I’ve experienced it several times and it’s as clear as crystal. There were times that I couldn’t even finish the 5th lap as a result being worn out. 4- Clothing which would be applied in case you are jugging out in

Nation of Islam

I was goin’ through the daily news the other day and encountered something that made me taken aback. Michael Jackson ’s ex-wife is battling him to get the children's custody back, may be temporary. M. J. has been married to – or have had relationship with - different women so far including Elvis Presley ’s daughter Marie for a short time but this one, Debbie Rowe testified in favor of him in his last accusation of child molestation which ended with a jury’s decision of him being innocent. There’s no doubt that he was guilty as before, the 1993 case, but he bribed the witnesses, the judge and the jury and escaped from ending up behind the bars for at least 20 years ! When I used to follow his court trial on a daily basis, I noticed that many proofs has been gathered to throw him where he really deserves to be. Amongst them where a security guard who had seen him naked in bathroom or pool with kids, his fingerprints on a porn magazine which was being shared with the kids by him, f