Tuesday, August 30, 2022

America's Gift to the World

I was driving home last Fri. and saw a certified(!) copy of America's gift to the world in the City of Calgary, which is called the Heart of the new West! This city and in fact the entire country has been turned to the new Toilet of the Old West! Here's a villager from Afghanistan in his traditional clothing and a bag, looking lost in the heart of the new west! This is one from millions of Afghans who started leaving their country when the fundamentalists, backed and supported by the US, Pakistan and some Arab countries, started destroying the country. When the Soviets cross into Afghanistan first in 1979 it was for the purpose of stopping that country from going backwards where the Taliban and other US backed and founded groups(!) including Al-Qaeda wanted. Sadly it didn't work because all the above countries found and still find a backward Afghanistan a better country for themselves! I have nothing against the poor people of Afghanistan who have been suffering for more than 40 years and I'm sure this man here in this above picture does not want to be clueless and humiliated here but who is responsible for that? It is true that Taliban was created by the US and people were educated and trained in Pakistan but I do not believe anyone forced them to join up. That, in fact, was their choice. 
Taliban Fighters all with all Soviet made machine Guns called PK
They believe in Islam and that was and still is Islam! Even last August when Taliban started their way towards the major citifies, whose fault it was that they captured the power easily?! Every one in their pathetic government and so-called security forces(!) flee like a rabbit! They didn't care about their city, town, family, their nation and their country. And now the rest of the world should pay for that and the people of Afghanistan should suffer, no matter in or out!
(Photo: The poor Afghan refugee. You can see the confusion and suffer in this guy despite the fact that it is not a clear picture) 

Saturday, August 27, 2022

A Tiring Test

I received an invitation to write a test a couple of weeks ago. I didn't know what it was or when I had applied for that position! It's mainly because I'm very tired at times and have a lot on my mind. I read the e-mail and remembered what it was about: An administrative position with the CBSA
No offence to the CBSA but I found the test very degrading and of course I'm not going to reveal anything here as I've signed before doing it but that was traumatizing! When I read the posted position I didn't really realize that it was for that kind of job. Doing the test made me aware but I couldn't go past the 15th question or so! Again, I appreciate the CBSA giving me this opportunity and it'd have been great, if I had been strong enough to pass the exam (which the results have not been posted yet) but it was impossible for me! 
Part of the problem was where I was sitting for the exam(!) and the other part was the stress I was under to get back to work because I was, at the time, still in probation! My desk is next to the window and when sun comes up in the morning the extreme light bothers my eyes so much and that is because the curtain is thin. That is mainly why I do anything on computer down the stairs in the morning where my laptop is. 
To provide the short version of the story, I stopped the exam., I think, after the 15th or 16th questions and headed to work. My main reason for applying for the position was:
1) It is a permanent position. Who wouldn't want that?! 
2) It's indoors. It's an office position. In comparison to mine which is 95% outdoors!
3) I would have traveled less than the half of what I do now on daily basis! 
4) Room for growth
These sort of problems only happen to the people who get derailed from their goals, such as me. The people who make serious mistakes in their lives and to the people who have no one to give directions to them or support them through their lives. I'm one of them and that's why my life is this mess at this age. I hope you're not one and won't make the same mistakes I've made.
(Photo: The CBSA offers fantastic positions throughout the country and hires regularly. If you're not as weak as I am, apply for one and you're set for life)

Monday, August 22, 2022

The Comfort of not Having Many Choices

I watched Collateral, a 2004 movie, in continuation of my Old Movie Streak(!), if I could say that, yesterday, although an 04 movie might not be considered " Old " in comparison with others that I've recently watched and they were from late 60's or early 70's! I will write about them later. 
The movie, at the beginning, seemed slow and grim! If a movie starts with dark scenes, such as night or indoor with poor lighting, it'll throw me off! It could've been my screen though! I resisted and then the story began! Very good story and Cruise has been great as always. In fact it could be one of his best performances. Foxx is who have been praised for his role a lot and was nominated for an OSCAR but we all know what OCSAR means! Not that I am degrading Foxx's performance.
What I'd have like about the story is if Foxx's character would have assisted Cruise's and teamed up with him, instead of being a whining bitch! I guess the screen writer wanted the story to be a normal one: A taxi driver can't be a hitman in an instance and naturally reacts emotionally and if he could, would resist.

Michael Mann, the director in a scene with Cruise
A few people have roles in this movie which was a kind of strange to me but I think it seems strange now because it's a movie from 18 years ago. There's this British actor who has appeared in cheap, action B-movies and his name is Jason he appears for 30 seconds(!) and has one line! And there's this woman, the wife of W. Smith who for her, Smith slapped C. Rock and got fired from the Academy! She doesn't have such a mentionable performance and she looks different from what she is now, of course! 
The center point of the story is Cruise and without his brilliant performance the film would have not been formed in this perfect shape. 
(Photo, top: Tom Cruise, Mark Ruffalo and Jami Foxx in the elevator scene of the movie. Ruffalo has a much smaller role in comparison to the other two)

Saturday, August 20, 2022

The Freak Show

The awards of The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, also known as OSCARS is considered the highest honor for a professional who is in film business, at any level. Is this true? No! Absolutely not! It's a total BS! Anyone who has a functioning brain in their skull knows that like many other things, OSCARS is politically manipulated! When a nonsense such as Argo wins the Best Picture what can you say about it? is this anything rather than targeting a nation?! The speeches are the most ridiculous and the selection of the hosts and hostesses are just silly. Not to mention how the majority of these creatures dress! The moment you say something, you are labeled as either a sexist, a misogynist or a racist(!) but they can dress or talk the way they want and it's not offensive! An example of that would be these two creatures(!) here in this photo that I've selected from the last OSCARS ceremony. Why would a normal human being dress like these two? I know why but I would like to see what you think! 

1) Showing your breasts! Desperate for attention? I thought you're famous now and has passed that pathetic period of your life when you thought to yourself on daily basis how to get the attention of others!

2) Dying your hair! Do you feel bad that you aren't Caucasian and don't have blond hair? Are you embarrassed about your own race? Then why the hell would you not let your hair to be what naturally it is?! 

3) I should probably leave the dresses alone! They truly like circus clowns! I simply feel bad for whoever designed(!) these rags! 
Two freaks from a recent freak show, the OSCARs! One's wearing a green jacket! The other one is wearing a pair of sunglasses indoor! Oh sorry! I forgot that UV index is so high today in Santa Monica beach! Not to mention the stupid dress which looks like a tablecloth that has been folded at her chest!
At time the hosts and hostesses are so silly and stupid that you have difficulty believing your eyes but the audience laugh at their insensitive and stupid jokes because that is how the system has been designed! On the second thought I don't think I should be surprised at any of the above. The nation who has at least a mass shooting every week and innocent people get killed by a maniac and hasn't been able to fix this problem because a mindless tug added something to the constitution many years ago(!), the nation who has acted as the world police in the past 60 years or so and everywhere they have gone, has been turned to a shit-hole, to name Iraq and Afghanistan and the nation who their blindfolded support for Ukraine will have no result but an extended war, must have a freak show called the OSCARS, inevitably!
(Photo, top, Look at these two, think for a minutes, at least and tell me if a normal human being would dress like this and pose for cameras!)

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

The Panicked Fella

I was at work few days ago and one guy turned to me and asked if I was Quality Control. I confirmed and he seemed not happy about something. He mentioned about a thing that I had done long time ago and said it was wrong! He added that it was wrong because " they " had done it differently! I explained to him that I had done not without being aware of what " they " had done and we could fix it. It didn't calm him and he went " I worked in Quality for eight years! " Here's the problem, or perhaps I should say " one of the many problems " with a pathetic and stupid company: Everyone could do anything and they call it being " Versatile "! A electrician could be Site Supervisor, a new graduate kid from school could be Project Manager, a guy could do manual work on site and be called Director, whatever that means and so on! 
This normally happens in the companies which deal with low-tech project but that is not that. A guy who just has recently graduated from a school certainly cannot be a Project Manager or that project could be as well-managed as the one that I'm working on! One might ask what this so-called Project Manager has been doing that you criticize his work? As far as I know he sits in the office with the door closed and do different things including working on Excel Sheets(!), having chat with his bodies(!) and who knows what else! Perhaps this is the job description for the Project Manager in this company while we're dealing with the current issues, and these are the ones that I'm aware of:

1- The material that we've received are put everywhere and the whole ares is so dis-organized that finding a needle in a haystack would be easier! For that the Project Manager, not this one that I referred to just above, another one, as we have two on the project(!), just issued an authorization for the assembly team to use items of Project A for Project B and vise versa because he had been told what mess is created there!

2- Work-force assignment is terrible. They haven't been able to do that at all. We have people who walk around and people who drive around simply because there's no understanding person to put them on something else as soon as they finish one work.

3- The other work-force problem is having too many bosses at site! Currently there are at least 5 guys at site who mostly do a little and order others and at times their orders conflict with each other.

There are so many problems in this company but I'm going back to the subject as we're too far now. They guy whom is going to be Versatile(!) said that he would call The Boss! I didn't say anything because I know I had not done anything wrong. When I talked to The Tout Lover later and explained to him how mad the guy had been he said that The Boss had received a call from the guy and the reason he was angry was that he thought he had done something wrong! The Boss never talked to me but we agreed that I would do the rest of the same work the way Versatile and his buddies have done. No problem. The next day I saw him and he was so friendly and pleasant! That's where I realized that The Tout Lover was right: The guy scared shit-less that he might get shit for what he had done!
(Photo: This cartoon, if I may call it, does not look like the guy so much but certainly depicts his reaction. I think he didn't expect it to let it go when he called The Boss and when realized that I his position had not been threatened sighed and became friendly!)

Monday, August 15, 2022

Strange Feeling

I work at a site, most of the time, not in an office now that it's been close to 3 months that I've been offered this position. I'd say most of my time, more than 90% of it, is spent at the job-site. I go to the office in the morning, I get a coffee, collect my items, I go to the The Tout Lover's office, we review the day's activities and plans, we have a little chat and I head out. I don't have time to interact with anyone in the office and that is if there was anyone who I wanted to socialize with. There actually has only one person: The Golden Hair Lady. I do not believe that I've ever have seen such beautiful hair. It looks like you've melted pure gold and then passed it through a mold which make it look like long strings! 
We had a little interaction that made me hopeful to ask her out. Things changed last week. I was in The Tout Lover's office and when I came out she was there and then went to someone's office and sat there with the door closed. When I came back to the office in the afternoon, her desk was clear. Looked like someone who had the last talked, cleared their desk and left! I felt sad! It was a very strange feeling as why I would feel that way for someone whom I barely have spoken to! The feeling was strong and I know if someone's reading it, they're laughing at me but I guess when you reach a certain age and dating and finding a real partner becomes difficult, if you see an opportunity, you become hopeful and then you see it gone, it feels that you've lost a possible match! She didn't show up on Fri. and the desk was the same. It's a possibility that she's gone and so is my hope(!) to date a nice lady but I'll see tomorrow. 
(Photo: I would not take a photo from a lady, particularly if she works at the same place as I do and post it here. Just wanted to show how beautiful some lady's hair could be and her hair is more beautiful than this. I couldn't find the shiny and lovely colour she has. Posted this instead!)

Sunday, August 14, 2022

Dumb, Lazy and Fat!

was here last week and finally we were going to have a nice hike after a long time discussion and planning. Good? No! Not at all! It was an embarrassing failure!
He landed in YYC and I went to pick him up what I saw was quite shocking: He has turned himself to a fat-fuck who barely can walk! He was in shorts and shirts and like most people here in North America showed no shame! I would never be able to dress and walk in the public like that: A wrinkly stupid short above the knee which shows out-of-shape calves and big belly like a pig, shabby t-shirt to expose hairy arms, not clean-shaven and bald! How the fuck a decent and understanding man walk like that is beyond my imagination! We tried to rent a car but the bastards said either there was nothing available or they wanted us to rent for two days. I realized that we should have rented for two days, later! 

A small bottle of Gatorade, 591 ml, have you seen anything more ridiculous than this? 591 ml! has 34 grams of sugar! Welcome to the world of addiction!
The first two days was spent on a seeing the Calgary and area. I realized that he not only looks like a pig but also eats like a pig(!) and it's inevitable! We went to this nice cafe/bistro in Kensington called Amato and there he first ate a sandwich which was as small as a little mouse(!) and then a Coffee and an Ice Cream! He was eating like pig! You've seen pigs eating in a way that pieces are falling out of their mouth! He was copying them very successfully! And then he left a bit of ice cream in the bowl! 
His disgusting and pig-like life style did not limit to that. The next morning we headed to a local supermarket and it was amazing what he purchased:
1- A case of bottled water. He later drank from the kitchen faucet!

2- Two bottles of energy drink, Gatorade to be exact. These so-called energy drinks are loaded with sugar and food colouring and is probably good for a professional hockey player not a fat fuck lazy ass who can barely hold himself on his two legs because of his weight!

3- A number of Bananas. Banana is full of sugar and carbohydrate. Why the hell a fat-fuck, obese idiot would eat banana while has no physical activity?!

4- A small bag of Apples. Possibly the only good thing he bought! 

5- A pack of energy bar! Again these so-called energy bars are filled with sugar. You might need them while you're practicing for the Olympics but not if you're sitting on your ass all day long and have difficulty to move!

6- A bag of mixed nuts and dried fruit. Not a bad choice but do you need this much food? Are we going to face a famine or what?!

Our plan was to climb up Abraham Mountain and I tried to convince him to get up early but he woke up at around 05:00 while saying that he had been up since 04:00! We headed north to Rocky Mountain House and then toward west and then south to be on Highway #11. We found the trail-head with not much difficulty because I have the GPX track on my phone but the fact that we started very late, around 10:35 and it was warm. That however was not the main problem. The idiot started nagging and complaining just after half an hour and said that he could not carry on! 
I tried to persuade him to follow me but between the damn hot weather, his continuous nags and the useless, unreliable App, we decided to go back down after about an hour and a half! 
Coming down was not see easy either! It was hotter and the GPX tracker was not helping much! After a disastrous descend we headed back east to go to Rocky Mountain House and then home but we stopped in this little community of Nordegg which had been recommended by a lady when we stopped for a bit of shopping in Rocky Mountain House earlier.
My slice of pie at Miners' Cafe. It has berries and rhubarb. Very delicious
Nordegg is a hamlet about half an hour from Abraham Lake. It used to be a mining community but now is a tourists attraction. This, in fact, was the place which we should have stayed the night prior to the hike. We went to this little place called Miners' Cafe and we faced beautiful and lovely girls with smiles! This is the place you would want to stop and relax a bit and despite the price, It's worth trying. On the other hand what can you expect? You're miles away from a major city and you come to a place that you can have good food. You have to understand their situation and support them by spending there.
We ordered a couple of slices of pies and a couple of glasses of cold drinks. I don't eat outside bakery items because they all use White Flour but this was an exemption and it was good. They have ready-to-bake pies for sale in their refrigerator for $24 which seems over-priced and what's cheap these days?!  
We enjoyed the snack and headed back home. The pies were so good that Alphonse said later that he would have gotten Uber to go there to get a pie if it had not been too far away! He wanted to get something for dinner, after eating a slice of pie and many other healthy(!) snacks that he had brought! I told him that we had some chicken from the previous night but he insisted to stop at a local Subway! No problem, I said. " I would be okay with the chicken ", I added. Guess what he got for his supper at Subway? Chicken Teriyaki foot-long! Isn't it just the proof that he's a nut-bag?! 
The sizzling Chicken at Gate of India. Alphonse's meal.
The next day was a working day and I left him and then met him in Calgary. We went to Gate of India which I had tried before a few times. I had to add here that Gate of India, on Country Hills Boulevard is amongst a few Indian restaurants that you can go in confidence and be sure that you get a good food but it's a bit pricey. His idiocy and lack of knowledge show themselves there as well! He wanted a Veggie Platter and when they brought it he was surprised! This meal, in East Indian food culture means Samosa, Pakora and shit like that which in fact are worse than meat! The dinner cost me $58.35 but it's okay. He's my buddy, an idiot one. He left the next morning. 
The first thing I noticed when I came home after he left was the strong odor in the room that he had spent his nights! It was awful and still is disgusting! I vacuumed the room and I'm going to throw everything that he used in the washing machine! I truly don't know how someone could live like a pig and who is the female pig living with him but what I know is I'm going to get him! Not soon but either at the end of the year or early next year I will plan for a hike and will avenge myself! 
(Photo, top: Abraham lake from the trail of Abraham Mountain. This is as high as we got, possibly only 1/3 of the entire trail until you get to the summit! Ridiculous!)

Saturday, August 13, 2022


My two-face personality/character(!) finally worked and I deprived The Tout Lover from vehicle privilege! I really didn't have a problem with that but the fact that he would call me every now and then and in the middle of the work bothered me a lot. I obviously never said anything but every time I had to leave, I would told a few important guys and then two times they had to give me a ride and that triggered them. I, then, piled up by supporting them when they were pissed off and saying nasty things about The Tout Lover
One of the fellas, whom should be called Smoker here said: We'll get to the bottom of this! And then the other guy who also was not happy about it and who should be named Horseshoe, for the style of his mustache, send an e-mail to a manager and the manager called The Boss and then he called me and asked me questions about The Tout Lover and the vehicle. I was honest and that was it. He told me that he would not be allowed to take the vehicle home any more.
When later The Tout Lover, during a meeting said: You know I'm not taking the vehicle home any more, I pretended I was surprised! I told him that I could not believe it and made sure by acting like that he does not suspect that I assisted this even that little. 
Now the problem, if I could call that, is resolved, there's another issue on my hand: I don't have any excuse to go back to the office early! I will have to stay as long as the work takes or have an excuse! What one is better? Not having the vehicle all the time and having to stay on the top of the work for a long period?!
(Photo: Two-face, as far as I know, is a character in Batman although I have not seen the related movie, Batman forever, or any related animation which has this character in it but I know Tommy Lee Jones was the villain in that movie and had an issue with Jim Carry which is not the subject of this post)

Saturday, August 06, 2022

Production more than Needed

introduced itself as the Trash Bin of the Word to the universe(!), many years ago. If there's a smallest issue at a corner of the world, people rush to Canada to not only benefit from the free services available to them, but also ruin the country as much as they can. 
The question is why Canadians do not care? First of all, most of them generally DON'T CARE about anything but themselves! I DON'T CARE was the first expression that I learned from Canadians I learnt when I first came to Canada as an immigrant. And I have to stress here that it took me 5 years to get my visa. Unlike the lying refugees who, mostly, have false claims I had to go through all sorts of screenings to get here and I had to bring a good chunk of money. So that was the first reason why Canadians do not care! The second reason is Canada, like the US, is ran by corporate and greedy people. All they care about is their wealth and to increase that. They keep bringing crappy cheap shit from China and they have to sell it! They have to destroy the forests and farms to build cheap homes, like mine(!) and sell it. The greedy Government of Canada has to make money through CRA so Justin " the fool " Trudeau travels to Ukraine and promises more money to the people who their countrymen only consist of less than 3% of the population of the country! The country has problems with poor aboriginals who have been suffering since the confederation and the idiot cares about Ukrainians and Afghans! 
Generally speaking, production is more than consumption here in Canada or perhaps it's be better to say has been. The reason is all the natural resources that has been available to people and they though they should use them all up! They have destroyed forests and replaced them with cheap homes and roads. They have been destroying farmlands and replacing them with the so-called Industrial Parks and another forms of cheap dwellings and they're so proud of that too! 
Where is this country going to, then? Hopefully not where the US is going!
(Photo: Have you ever asked yourself why a drug store shall sell milk?! This is a picture taken from a window of a Shopper's Drug Mart which primarily is a drug store but they sell all sorts of groceries, all processed food of different types. The company was purchased by Loblaws [in reality, low-blows!] a few years ago and basically is a smaller version of The Real Canadian Super"asshole" in different neighbourhoods! They sell all sort of shit that the mother companies sell and why? Because they can! And also because there's too much production of everything in this country. So drug stores, gas stations, bars, brothels[!], you name it, get their hand on everything. Greed shall never stop!)

Wednesday, August 03, 2022

The Complicated Creature

I think there is barely anyone who has as less experience as I have with women! Most of my relationships starts well but either ends without a result after a short term or gets bad and terminates itself! That's why I'm divorced twice and have been without a meaningful relationship for a long time!
I'm not a bar guy and even when I was younger I barely went to bars to pick up girls. A few attempts I had were all failures! I remember this one time that we were in downtown and I was chasing this girl down 17th Ave., SW and she went to this convenient store! I was drunk and can't remember much but I think I was lucky that didn't spend that night in a police station! Now at this age my chances of meeting women, particularly nice ones, is very slim and decreases day by day. I asked the Blue Eyed Lady out but she said ' She would not hang out with the guys from work ". I sent her a birthday card after I left the company, which I don't know if she ever received it but I am planning to go and see her in her office and ask her out again, next month.
Then there's this girl at the new workplace who, I think, works part-time. I would call her " Golden Hair "! She has this long and smooth blond and beautiful hair which looks like cascading melted gold! Her eyes are not as beautiful as The Blue Eyed Lady but she has nice green eyes and incredibly beautiful and sexy body and of course skin. I approached her and told her that she looks like a very famous actress, which she does very much. I'm not going to say who here buy she didn't know her. She looked her up in the net and nodded! I was hoping that was a good start. Not so much! It's not a place that you can easily talk to women but at the same time I didn't get good reactions. Nothing went between us until one morning I offered her a sort of breakfast and she politely refused. I didn't mind that and I, in fact will offer something else later because I have something to talk to her about but this past Mon. when I was going to the office from the site, driving the company's vehicle I saw her on the opposite lane, waving at me!! I was completely confused! How did she recognize me? Why did she wave at me? She could've driven away without even lookin at me and I wouldn't have noticed! 
And then this morning when I said good morning on my way to my desk, like every other morning, she looked at me, smiled and said good morning in response! That's why I say women are complicated creatures! Never know what to expect from them! Now I'm looking for the first opportunity to make the next move. 
(Photo: Jack Nicholson in a scene of The Shining where Lloyd, the bartender, played by Joe Turkel, who just passed away this June, goes: Women: Can't live with them, Can't live without them! This is part of a conversation between Jack and the bartender who is not exactly known what it is! Is he real, a real human being or is he a ghost? Or everything just happens in Jack's mind. One of the best movies in the history of cinema)