Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Disgusting France

They call France the land of liberty, freedom of speech and democracy. I'd rather call it the land of disgusting, lairs, bastard opportunists and greedy hypocrites. Everything that I know about France proves what kind nasty, disgusting, creatures these people, mainly their politicians are. I list them one after another here to prove that I'm not just saying something without having any evidence:

1- Dr. Shapour Bakhtiar, the last appointed prime minister of Iran before The Islamic Republic Murderers of Iran took over left the country and lived in Paris after that. The assassins of The Islamic Murderers of Iran went after him and first had a failed attempt on his life. The second time, they disguised as journalists and murdered the patriot. After months of search, questioning and trail, the main suspect, Ali Vakili Rad was convicted and sentenced to life in prison. This piece of shit was later released by the disgusting French authorities after only serving 19 years in prison!! A deal had been obviously made with the murderer of Iran to accept one of their own back on the soil!

Dr. Shapour Bakhtiar is seen here in a sort of conference/debate meeting in the center of photo
2- France was one of the major suppliers of arm and ammunition to Iraq during the 8-year Iran-Iraq War. The delivery of five Super Etendard jets to Iraqi Air Force in mid-war made headlines for months. Iraq leased those jets and they had some successful missions over Persian Gulf and although it was claimed by Iranians that 3 of them had been shot down, France later claimed that 4 out of 5 jets were returned to them!

The delivery of French Super Etendards was supposed to be a breakthrough for Iraqis in their war against Iranians but it didn't function as it had been planned and although Iran finally had to accept the UN resolution No. 589 it was later in the war and not because of these planes but it had a significant influence in the spirits of Iraqis, positively and Iranians, negatively. I remember there were cartoons about these in daily newspapers and my cousin who later flee the country through Turkish border and now has been living in Denmark for over 25 years, was speaking about these jets with much excitement, hoping they help to the end of the war! He was worried about himself who had soon to go to his military service and deployed to the fronts and that's why he flee the country!
3- The cult of Rajavi or Mujaheddin Khalg Organization (MKO), the main opposition group of  IRMI, was assembled in France after they flee Iran. France claimed to be a country which supports freedom and the ones who fight for it! MKO later was asked to leave the country when a deal was made between the disgusting French government and The Islamic Republic Murderers of Iran! MKO moved to Iraq and there they made a complete fool of themselves! Although a few thousand people were among the group as they thought MKO has great ambitions but later many learnt that this is nothing but a cult which if came to power, would be as bad as IRMI!

Members of Cult of Rajavi or MKO. Just by looking at the faces you can simply realize what's going on inside of each of these determined members! These were part of the so-called Liberation Army who were about to overthrow Islamic Republic Murderers of Iran! They were worse than them! I have to have a post about these brain-washed idiots. A cousin of mine was arrested and put in prison for supporting them but then was let out, I guess because she rated out a few members!
4- French authorities ordered the remaining members of MKO to be arrested after the cult was listed as a terrorist group by The US and a few European countries. They later were released!! I don't know what kind of stupid dead had been made and between who this time but there's no doubt that they are a terrorist group who even murder their own people! 

5- Now the French, the motherfucker animals welcomed the piece of shit disgusting Mulla (an Islamic clergy) of Iran!! What the fuck you motherfuckers are doing?! I wish there was someone who could make a hole in the throat of this ugly motherfucker president of France, Hollande with a chisel and let him bleed to death! This disguising motherfucker is worse than Hitler, Pol Pot and any murder in the history of mankind. Look how senseless he's sitting beside that motherfucker animal murderer Mulla of Iran.
Shame on on you motherfucker animal Frenches. Shame on you piece of shits. I despise you. 
(Photo, top: It is recently taken when the president of France, with that cold disgusting face, met the Iranian clergy, Rouhani. France has no intention but to sell its junk such as Airbus and Peugeot to Iran, make a few hundred millions and prevent the bankruptcy of a few companies. It's all about the money they can make. All these terms of freedom, democracy and such are bullshit!)

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