Thursday, November 07, 2019

Switched to Another Job!

I finally get a chance to leave The Weird Guy and his(!) workplace to start another one. It was a mistake from beginning going there but I used the best of it in the 10 weeks period that I worked there or at least I think that way! Honestly there were so many issues with that job (some might have already been mentioned, not that anyone cares!):
1- One of the most disorganized companies that I've ever seen in my life, anywhere.
2- Certainly the filthiest and nastiest place I've seen, everywhere. No exaggeration at all. There was a thick layer of dust on almost everywhere except the spots which were accessed on daily basis! The damn bathroom had only one tap and was always dirty. In the meantime there was a nice and clean bathroom for the rest of the people who, I quote, worked in the office! So the policy in this company is that the office people deserve a clean and nice bathroom but the floor people don't! Shame on you. 
3- The so-called lunchroom was filled with garbage and old used items. Not to mention that the floor was covered in garbage. Anything from bottle cap, food, used napkin and old newspaper to cloths and shoes of the employees! I never ate there!
4- There were lots of returns everyday and by return I mean the returned items by the delivery drivers who, for whatever reason, did not deliver the picked products! One employee told me once that these assholes are lazy(!) and also because they're on salary, they tend to come back to the office so they don't stay more than their regular hours because they wouldn't be paid for overtime! 
5- There were a few assholes, of course like any other workplace, that I couldn't stand them, more specifically there were a Caucasian bitch who though she was such a hotshot, with love handles and belly sticking out of every each where! She was in her early 30's. And then a pile of shit driver of the same background, an animal that you wouldn't even want to look at his face: Always dirty, always unshaven, always wearing a disgusting hat to hide his dirty and not-combed and trimmed hair, although he never succeeded(!) and always aggressive, like wants to jump on you and rip you apart! 
6- I never had any contract while working there! I had never seen something like this before but I needed money. So worked there for as long as I needed despite all of the problems mentioned above.
I practically gave up 3 jobs and stuck to this one because I either thought this would get better in future or missed the other one, somehow. There was a Quality Technician position that I eventually got the chance to be interviewed after about 1.5 months! The thing was that their review was really disappointing and once their HR person was sick, the other time I postponed the interview and they accepted and once they said that their Quality Manager was not available and eventually when I had the chance to be interviewed, and I know this is stupid, I couldn't find the place and went back to work! The real reason is I was not so optimist about this company for several reasons:
1- Poor review of the company by former employees
2- The nationality of the employees. Honestly, and in most cases, if you see a company has mostly foreign nationals as its employees, and I'm not talking about a factory job, a supermarket cashier or a fast-food worker, you have to rethink before joining. The companies tend to save a few thousand dollars on the annual salary they pay, in professional work, should be avoided in the first place. In this damn company the HR person is Russian who by the way is educated, partially, in the US! The Quality Manager is an Arab(!), one might think where did that come from and the office person, who answers the phone and of course does other administrative stuff has a strong accent that I can't even say where she is from! I'm not a racist and I, too, am a foreigner here. This is based on experience and true.
3- The length of time they waited for me to be interviewed is unusual! From the time I sent my resume to the time that was set up for interview was nearly a month and a half! In this market that thousands and thousands of people are out of job, they either had found someone and he or she left shortly after employment or no one ever showed any interest in such a lousy company!
The other job was the one that I've already mentioned it in another post. I chose that because first of all it's a very significant and big company and secondly it's located outside Calgary and I was hoping I could move out of the city after being hired by them but what happened is explained in that post.
The other one was the encounter I had with an Ape! Yes! There was this f*cking asshole who even refused to interview me and I should probably tell his story here as well but I'm too tired now! 
The first day at the new job was good though. Everything slid(!) smoothly. I saw the Chinese girl again, once in the morning, of course, when I started, as I had to do paperwork and give her documents for my employment. Then at lunch time, by accident, I realized that we are having our break at the same time. She talked a few words to me and was curious as what I had for lunch! I had nothing! and I was quite surprised as why an office beautiful, petite girl should talk to newly-hired floor guy! She looked amazing again. She had a sort of dress which was mini-skirt in front and midi in the back and she had black nylon socks on. She looked so sexy. When she sat at a table, I realized that she was looking at me! I, again, was thinking why a pretty, petite, Chinese young girl should even be interested in a guy like me. So I didn't have any reaction to that. Besides there was someone sitting in front of her. So what would be the point to bug a girl in the first day of work?! It's not that I never wanted to talk to her. Who wouldn't want to just sit at the same table as a girl that I just explained her features here? I just don't want to be rejected at the workplace that I just started my new job! Nevertheless I will take a shot at her when the opportunity presents itself although I know I wouldn't have a good chance! 
(Photo: These reasons are listed as why someone would change his/her job. This, I believe, applies to professional jobs but could, somehow, be used in other job evaluations as well. For me Items 1 to 4 and 10 definitely were reasons. Items 5 to 9, no that much but still were considered factors)

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