Wednesday, February 19, 2020

What Have Aboriginal People Done for Canada??!!

Canada, as I have written previously, is nothing but a big dumpster that everyone throws their garbage in! No offence to Canadians as I have found many nice and respectful people in this country but criminals, retards, lazy asses, liar, you name it, from all around the world make up a story to land in Canada and benefit from it. I, on the contrary, had to wait more than 5 years to receive my visa and this is my situation after all these years: Working a labour job with a wage not higher than minimum! If it was not because of the sanctions that the major ally of this country has imposed on the original country, which by the way has destroyed the economy, I would not stay here in a week. 
On the other hand most of the filthy animals that I listed them above, eventually move their asses and get to a sort of job and make a living. Majority become the Cheap Labour Force that Canada let them in for, in the first place. Some get into crimes and since Canada is the criminal's heaven, they mostly live for years until either their rivals shot them in the head or under rare circumstances a court sentence them to a long-term imprisonment. That, by the way, could be appealed several times and occasionally they acquitted!  
What have Aboriginal people of Canada have do for this country in the past 150 years that this country has been founded??!! How much have they contributed to the society? Majority of them don't even work. They stay in the so-called reserve and they say there's no work! They stay in remote areas of the country where their ancestors used to live and tend to live how they use to live thousands of years ago: By hunting! Who lives by hunting in 21st Century?!
Majority of them are either drunkard or drug-addict, wandering around the city going from this liquor store to that liquor store, from this McDonald's to that convenience store and from this shelter to that shelter. 
These days they have decided to do something positive with their time and contribute to Canadian society by blocking the rail tracks!! These brainless idiots, no matter what their intention is, have made a wrong decision and they have been hurting the country's economy seriously and the pathetic Government of Canada led by Trudeau hasn't been able to do a damn thing! 
More stupid than this is the reaction of railroad companies just a few days after the blockade: Laying off the employees as many as 1000!!!! These are the benefits of a Capitalist Democracy in West! Millions of people can not handle a bunch of useless, disgusting Native people who have caused major issued in the country! 
(Photo: A confrontation between members of an Aboriginal group with one person holding their flag and members of an opposition group)

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