Wednesday, December 16, 2020

The Yakhni Story

Yakhni is a sort of soup which is consumed in Afghanistan. But how did I get to know this authentic food, has a story which I would like to say it here: There're two brothers who work at the same place as I do and they both was found positive after a coronavirus test was conducted on them. I remember the younger brother came to me the last day he worked before leaving for 1 or 2 weeks and asked me how many Tylenol he could have taken! I told him he could not take more than 2 and that should be 8 hours apart! I didn't see them the next day and it was announced that they were both considered infected. 
So they were away for awhile but I kept in touch, asking about their health until a few days before their return he called me and said that there was a soup ready for me(!) and he wanted me to try that! 
He gave me his address and there I met him at the door and got a big container of this hot soup which was still steaming. He had a pair of gloves on to prevent any transmission. I in fact did not have much for supper, like most of the night and enjoyed the soup called Yakhni. It was I think, Lamb, some vegetables, Carrots and that was it. it was good but like most of the food from that part of the world was too greasy in a way that I had to really scrub the fat off of the container and wash it very well with liquid soap and hot water to remove it!
Now more than 2 weeks has passed and I'm fine. No symptoms! 
(Photo: You can see the vegetable cuts and a piece of carrot in the bowl of Yakhni)

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