There always is a Problem when Moving

Lazy Ass contacted me a few days ago in regards to help he needed help with moving. I agreed to help him because later on I need him to sign my passport form! So I'm there and happily most of the heavy items are gone already! There's this Hindu guy, a buddy of his, who is there to help. We collect all of the shit and stuff the two cars, mine and his, and go to his new place which by the way is another basement, newer, bigger and more expensive! I don't know how this guy intends to cover all of his expenses but that's his problem!
Speaking of the basement, the house is located in a new community in the city which actually, as far as I've seen, occupied by East Indians of mostly Punjabi decent! You know what that means?! It means bad and rude drivers, lots and lots of kids in every home and automatically out when it's warm(!), strong food smell in the area despite the season, including, mostly, Fried Onion(!), trash on the street as these people think they still are living in India and other common issues with this people. When we reach the neighbourhood and started to unload, in the first trip, kids as young as 2-years-old were screaming on the street! And then not surprisingly the entrance to the basement is from slopes at the sides of the house, with no stairs! So it's a perfect place for skiing in winter! The backyard, where the basement entry is located at, is covered in animal poop! There was a little rabbit running around when we went there. They believe the shit was his! I doubted that such a small animal could dump so much shit!
This is a sort of appetizer(!) that they serve in the restaurant. I forgot what they call it but it feels like potato or corn chips but the flour must be something else. It of course is not good for you as it's like most of Indian food is dip fried in old and constantly used oil!
So we're back to the old house for the second and last trip. We're finished by 20:35 and he goes to the landlord to deliver the key and get his security deposit back. It takes longer than usual and we're waiting outside and I'm tired. I go to the house twice and I realize that the door is locked and the woman landlady is yelling on the top of her long! I send Lazy Ass a couple of messages and it appears that they don't want to give him the full damage deposit back! He eventually comes out at around 21:05 with $630 out of $700 he had paid. and we all head to a nearby restaurant to have something.
This place that he took us to is called Punjaabi Indian Cuisine (one extra a would make a difference!) and it's a sort of modern, clean and nice place, at least for now! There was nobody there when we stepped in but the staff and I think it was because it was late and a weekday. He ordered 3 meals for 3 of us which I personally could finish them all in less than 20 minutes(!) but it was okay as he paid! The two identical orders was a dish of Chickpeas and two Samosas, with green and brown sauce. The other one which was consumed by the two was a sort of Rice dish, I think Goat Biryani. The surprising thing was that the Indian guy said that he needed to wash his hands before he eats! I thought to myself for a minute: Indians wash their hands!? So later, when they were eating their Rice dish, it appeared that the guy, from Chennai, eats with his hands, the filthy animal! That's why he wanted to wash up!
Anyways the food was not bad but I don't know if it worth the price or not because I didn't pay. We leave then and Lazy Ass gets something from DQ for us as dessert. Now I'm very tired and when we reach the house, I leave everything I have in the car in the driveway and head home. At home all I have to do is to take a shower and then hit the sack. I come out of the shower and I see a missed call. That's Lazy Ass again! He called me as soon as I send him a message and says that he has forgotten one of his dumbbells in the house!

This dish looks nice and tastes good. The chickpeas are really tasty and spicy enough. Samosa is generally not a good food because white flour is used and it's dipped in used oil but I had no choice at the time and this is not something I eat even once a months. Sauces were not good. I like neither of them. The green one is a yogurt based with some vegetable in it. The brown one is sweet and I don't think there's anything rather than sugar and some other disgusting ingredient in it!
He's going there to get it. It's a nice dumbbell that you can have different plates loaded to it and when we were there he was the one who were supposed to get it up and put it in the trunk or somewhere as it's 90 Lbs. and he forgets! The landlady family refuse him in and deny that they have it! Lazy Ass is very upset. However he doesn't want, from my understanding, to pursue any legal action as he believes he doesn't have enough evidence to get it back! So despite my explanation to him, he sits back and complains about the $1000 he has lost! That's why I always say moving is a hassle. You lose or break something, you get tired, you lose money, you have argument with landlord or moving company, you name it. For me the next moving, if it happens will be in 5 years from now and that would be to a better and nicer place and another financing. I try my best not to go through the trouble of renting and moving again despite all the cost. 
(Photo, top: The view from the property that Lazy Ass has just moved in to its basement. It obviously is in the back. If it turns to a park or wetland, that would be amazing but from what I know about these greedy bastards, they would turn this land to apartments and houses soon)


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