Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Three Unpredictable Ws

We were at a Tim Horton's with J. W., talking about businesses and everything and he mentioned something rather interesting: He said that in Canada there're three important and at the same time unpredictable things, all starting with W: Weather, Work and Women!
He's absolutely right but I would like to add that those are not only unpredictable. They're also inevitable! Of course the middle one is the most important one for every one including me. The third one is not as important as the other two but it helps to have a better life and the first one affects the daily life and changes the expenses!
Let's analyze them one by one a bit:

1- A large population of Canadians work in tourism industry. If the weather is not pleasant, these people get nothing. Restaurants, parks, shops and many other businesses suffer form that, enormously. White Rock is a good example: In a sunny and nice day you see herd of people walking up and down promenade, sitting on patios drinking and eating, shopping at the local stores, etc. That brings a good revenue to the City. The more customers, the more money for the businesses, the more tax for the City. But in a cloudy, rainy or snowy day, the entire town looks like a big graveyard! the only thing you hear is wind howling, seagulls screeching, and waves pounding on wave rocks! The scenario applies to other places like Stanley Park, Grouse Mountain, etc. Weather exactly performs the same roll as Swine Flu did in Mexico last month. Mexico tourism just lost $2.8 million in one week as a lack of enough number of tourists. Canada suffered almost from the same manner in the months of recession. The country lost huge money due to lack of enough visitors especially in Ontario and B. C.

2- In the society of Capitalism you're employed and happy one day and unemployed and sorrowed the other day. The moment the employer feels that for every $25 you earn, his company does not make that $300 and more, you're on your way home! I was talking to P. M. yesterday and he said that he had been asked to leave his job almost a month ago due to shortage of work. There's at the moment a huge debate between the Government and the opposition party about EI. They are trying to make it more helpful as it's a useless system for most of the employees now. The amount of money they receive and the length of coverage is so tiny and short that basically is no help but a little cod for a whale!

3- Only 49% of Canadians live in families. Why? Because you're married to someone today and the other day the lady feels that he needs someone else and leaves you! The more money you make, the bigger chance that you have someone beside you for a long time. Nevertheless money is not the only factor. Some people have to work irregular hours to earn enough money for their household. Police officers, firefighters, paramedics, nurses and many others. These people mostly have no family life because women first marry to them and then they don't control themselves, cheat on their husbands and start a relationship with others. Two short stories exemplifies the true meaning this fact: R. J., a former member of the RCMP told me that his 23 years of service on the force, cost him 2 marriages. He currently lives with his third wife of a Native origin and has seven kids from three of them! A. F. told me a story of a friend of his, a police officer, who came home unexpectedly and saw his wife in the arms of his neighbour! D. H.'s wife left him after 15 years of marriage with two little kids and I have already told the interesting story of S. J.'s marriage. Isn't that enough?
(Photo: Continuous Ws! I added this picture later. This in fact was taken in June of 2016 during a hike to Mount Burns which its story is available here

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Anonymous said...

That's bullshit, or no, maybe this rule only applies to losers like J. W.

The weather is not that bad if you know that you do not live in a desert country.

Work: I have been always progressing in my work and can not complain.

Women: Having an excellent beautiful girl. Oh Man...

And I got all of these since I left Iran and came to Canada.