Similarities between ISIS and MEK

There was so much news about this apparently extremist group called ISIS in the last two weeks and now it's died down. It was being said this Islamic State of Iraq and Syria had captured a few cities and town in northern and northwestern Iraq including the major City of Mosul
I wonder if that's another Western media propaganda or they are real. For years they fabricated Taliban and Al-Qaeda and sold it to the public without mentioning it once that it was the US and its major allies in the region, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and so on who supplied and funded Taliban and Al-Qaeda! The funny thing was the story they were saying about their organizations and successors and lieutenants and so on. The fact is these were bunch of Arabs and Afghans who happened to receive lots of money and weapon and first used it against the Soviets in the 80s and then against the Americans and other Westerners in 2000s. All these guys did was playing the game of Hide and Seek with the Western forces. Is this so hard to pull a trigger and kill people? Killing people and destruction is easy. That's why bunch of Arabs, Afghans and Pakistanis are able to do easily. Planning and construction is difficult. So I never bought those stories that they were telling about Al-Qaeda network, their rank and organization. 
It's also hard for me now to believe what they are saying about these guys of ISIS who happened to change their name to IS, standing for Islamic State which means they would rule not only Iraq and Syria. They want to have an Islamic State for a vaster area. 
A funny thing here is the guys who have left Europe and the US to fight with extremists in Syria and Iraq and these Westerners are concerned and surprised!! I don't know what the fuck they were thinking when they let all sorts of people in! What made them think that a person from Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Algeria and all other Muslim countries forget his or her past and become a Westerner?! These people are here and now they go back where they can fight if it's not here. Here they do what they have done in England, butchering a soldier in bright light day. Here they do what those two terrorists did in Boston last year. So don't be confused and surprised why these guys have left Canada, England and the US to fight with the Sunni extremists of ISIS or whatever fuck name they have. 
The other funny thing is what I read a few days ago about these apparently Sunni extremist group which has introduced a Leader for themselves as well. Their plan is to extend their territory from western Africa to Eastern India in the next 5 years. This actually is hilarious. The Western media actually is like someone who sees a fire and instead of trying to put it off, he tries to add gasoline and wood! They were saying that this ISIS is no very strong with funds over $2 Billion. But I don't know why they never said that who these fucking idiots are going to capture all those countries in the next 5 years! What they are saying is Iran has no army, Turkey has no army and is not a member of NATO and Russia in north will just sit back and enjoy the show and India with over 1 billion population does not have an army to defend its independence! 
Any plan similar to this by fucking ISIS or any other fucking extremist group reminds me of these fucking idiots of People's Mujaheddin of Iran or MEK who at the end of Iran-Iraq War in 1988 intended to cross the border from Iraqi side to Iran, capture the towns and cities one after another and go all the way to the capital, Tehran and overthrow the government with an army of maximum 5000 to 7000 soldiers which the majority of them had never held a weapon and had never had a training in their life!!! 
What happened to them is clear: They were surrounded and devastated by the Iranian Army and volunteers as well as the gun-helicopters, mostly. The rest flee with their tails between their legs! 
ISIS's story is not very different from MEK. Both are extremists groups, both have a cult-like leader, both have childish dreams and both are considered terrorist groups. Sure ISIS's destiny will not be very different from MEK's! 
I have this plan to go and see the battlefields which in where MEK was destroyed and will have posts about that. I'm sure this story of ISIS is something that the media is hanging to for s while until they find something new! 
(Photo: This map issued by Deutsche-Welle shows the counties in Asia and Africa after the 5-year plan of IS or ISIS is performed. International borders will be changed and countries will be given new territorial names. Sounds like science-fiction to me but a very cheap and stupid one!)


Ajax said…
Anyone trying to make a linkage between ISIS and the Iranian resistance movement based in Iraq through PMOI/MEK is basically shilling for the Iranian regime, which has fought a long and hard propaganda war to eradicate any hint of resistance to its rule.
Trying to make this connection is like accusing Obama of being a Muslim. While it’s nice for talk shows and fodder to blogs and birthers, it’s completely ridiculous and demonstrates an effort to demonize the one group that has long fought against the mullahs in Iran.
The most disturbing aspect of the efforts to link ISIS to the Iranian resistance is the foreshadowing of another attempt by the Iranian regime to separate the resistance movement from the West in a final effort to eradicate it by maintaining its control over the current Iraqi government of Maliki. If Iran can strengthen its hold by using ISIS as a stalking horse to drum up military intervention, then its next step is to mount a final assault on the remaining 3,000 dissidents housed at Camp Liberty and crush it once and for all.
The Tough Guy said…
I guess you didn't get my point. I says there are similarities and I listed them. In my opinion MEK or PMOI is a terrorist organization and has been since its establishments. No result has been reached through the act of Terrorism. Kurds have been fighting since WWI for independence. What have they gained after 100 years?! Same everywhere else. ETA, PLO, IRA, RAF none ever has ever gained anything and MEK is the worst it is a cult.

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