As Real As It Can Be Enjoyed

There was another strange dream again the other night! Now I start to believe that this is caused by the damn pill that I take to treat the damn Gout! This is not an over-the-counter medicine and causes some kind of dizziness when it kicks in, at times. So I guess it works quite similar to hallucinating pills but on much lower level.
Before I briefly say what the dream was, I have to state the followings:

1. I have never been good at relationships (with women I mean).
2. I have never been sexually very active. My sex drive has always been below average. I lost a good number of partners or to-be-partners for that reason.
3. I've never been extraordinary or as some may call it amazing in sexual intercourse. 
4. I've never been good at kissing. In fact I barely enjoyed a good kiss in my life while it is considered an important skill in love-making by many.

With that in mind I had this short dream the other night that I was engaged in a very passionate and joyful deep kissing with someone! It was so real that I felt, in my dream, the moist and warmth of the lips. However there was no face or anything specific and clear about the partner. Then I woke up and it was gone. Short like that! And unbelievable. I have no idea what that might mean!


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