Going Downhill?!

I received the result of this damn exam just a few days ago and it says that I have failed! Damn it! Am I becoming stupid or what?! It was a shit exam with stupid questions and I knew I didn't do well but still hoped that I could pass! I have explained, in a previous post, how bad the exam had been held but that is an excuse! 
On the other hand I'm doing well with the volunteering job and I was recognized two months in a row. I wanted to have a separate post for that but haven't yet because I haven't received the recognition prize. I even contacted the responsible person and he indicated end of the year chaos as the result of delay. I will contact him in Feb. again if I don't receive it by then.
Anyways that was not a good news for me who is getting ready for his big job and has to go for training while I received another good news. 


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