Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Embarrassment to the Fullest

I got the final result of the CWB Level I Inspector examinations and passed only two, out of the three! which I wrote last week, today. I was a little surprised of their speed and speed is usually good when you get a good result. I didn't! I failed, again(!), miserably(!) the closed book exam! But guess what? I got 2 points higher than the last time! Isn't it something!?
It's so frustrating and embarrassing that I don't know what to write! I don't think there's much to write about it but I know what I will have to do: I will start studying tomorrow and also will order a number of major modules, most likely Electrodes & Consumables and Welding Processes! I only have until September of this year and if the third shot doesn't work I would have to start everything over! There's no other way.  
Here is, again, the topics that I know I have to study very well and master them, for myself. As for everyone else who has a plan to write CWB Level I Inspector exam, this is helpful for them as well: 

1- Allocation of electrodes to processes

2- Specific attributes of processes

3- Welding positions
(Photo: A common way of showing frustration and, perhaps, embarrassment!)

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