It is not a Lie if you Believe it!

I went for an interview today before noon. It was a huge facility with a big sing that could be easily seen from the street. It was an old guy in his, I'd say. mid. 60's. Seemed a bit impatient, looking around and checking his computer but eventually I tried to get his attention. I think he was not comfortable doing this interview. Perhaps he didn't like me. I'm not sure! I realized that he was looking for someone just, probably, to use measuring tools such as Micrometer and Caliper Vernier and do this shit all day long! That'd be a disastrous job but what the hell? Do I have many good jobs lined up for me?! Not many! There's another one which I will explain in the next post. The other things he wanted to was whether I had ever dealt (issued) with NCRs! I think that was a big deal to him because he looked impressed when I explained to him that I had done it and provided him the detail. Then the question that his HR guy had asked was repeated: How I got into QC? I fed him the same shit that I had fed to the other guy. I said that I used to do Gas Welding after high school at at family friend's shop and while I was doing this as a part-time job, I saved a bit of money and started Engineering School! I kept the job until graduation and then I was told that they needed someone to handle their Quality needs and there I was! I started my job there until my immigration to Canada.I generally don't feel good about this position. I'd be downgraded from Quality Coordinator to Quality Inspector which is quite a fall. In the meantime he never mentioned anything about the wage and I know that there's a big group of Quality guys, perhaps as many as four and I wonder if they're assholes or reasonable guy but as I mentioned, I don't have many offers at the moment and this work is a " Continuous " and might work. He never mentioned that it was a permanent position the way the HR guy did. We'll see.He seemed satisfied by the story and provided a little more about the company and that was it. I was told that I'd be contacted after other candidates are interviewed and there will be another interview(!) with the HR and more detail would be discussed. (Photo: Not exactly what they manufacture in their facility but wanted to show the magnitude of their work)


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