Sunday, September 25, 2022

Another Reason to Buy an EV

I went to this dealership to get my oil change the other day and do you know how long I had to wait? 2 freaking hours! I don't care anyone notices which dealership it is but these thieves charged me more than $85 just for the damn oil change! Did nothing else! Imagine that I earn $15 an hour. So the total cost of my oil change would be more than $100! I tried the other dealerships but they were all booked up.
This is another reason why one, how is financially stable, should think of buying an EV, preferably a Tesla! Gasoline price jump does not affect you. You don't have to line up for the damn oil change, no spark or mostly, no other mechanical part change, comfortable and enjoyable drive, you name it. However people still prefer to spend $60,000 on a pick up truck rather than an EV.
My employment situation is uncertain. I don't know if I will be in after these projects. Otherwise I would go to Tesla website and would order one, specifically now that I have put around 150,000 Km on my vehicle.  When I first thought of Tesla 3, the interest rate was lower and the more options were available but it's not like that anymore, although the delivery time is reasonable. 
(Photo: One of the Toyota dealerships in the city)

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