Saturday, July 23, 2022

An Unusual Encounter

We had test planned at work a few days ago and it was assigned to a third part although that is the same which I and The Tout Lover have recently been certified to. His idea was that it'd better if we see it done once by an experienced professional before we start doing it ourselves. Not such a bad idea but in fact I believe it stems from his stupidity and laziness. Not to mention that he's old, sick and have limited mobility. Don't get me wrong I'm not making fun of him. These are all true. I even realized that he has a bit of shaking in his hands. Overall I have mixed feelings towards him. One part of me dislikes him very much because he's an obnoxious, I-know-it-all, fat-fuck, belligerent, idiot. The other part doesn't mind him and tries to work with him because I need money and experience and he has helped me at time. 
So we go to the testing place, next to the site and we see a tall, skinny and pretty girl. She's even taller than me. She performs the tests and after all the talks with everyone and recording the results, they all leave. Now it's me and her only. I start asking questions and its all about the test, work, education and such and she answers them all patiently and nicely. She's so young that if I had married when most of my friends from the high school did, I would have had a daughter her age now! Based on that I don't make any stupid move to ask her out but it seemed that she didn't want to leave. She kept talking! We finally shake hands and she gets into her work vehicle and I walk to other guys to get ready to leave at the same time. One thing, though, showed differently: When I asked for her card, she handed me her boss's and that was when I realized that even if she had been at the right age, it would have been a mistake asking her out.
We had the same test two days after that and everyone was asking about her. It was then that something came to my mind about this strange meeting: She could've been a transgender! You know there're many transgenders in this country and everywhere now! I think people get tired of what they are and say: I'd like to get fucked in the ass! A tall, skinny, girl who does what mostly men do! She even had man-hands which reminds me of another Seinfeld episode. Perhaps that's why she was not leaving. Maybe she was waiting for me to ask her out. Otherwise why a 25-year-old (that's as old as she could have been) wants to go out with some old guy like me!
(Photo: Jerry dates this woman who has big hands in this episode. In this scene, I think, They're at the dinner table in a restaurant. That girl didn't have big hand like this but sure it looked like a man's hand more than a woman's!) 

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