Monday, July 11, 2022

Rogers' Silence over the possible Cyber Attack

My phone was down this past Fri., from the early morning, when I was leaving for work, until I came home and after that. It was fixed the next morning. It was said in the news that nearly 10,000,000 cellphone customers and almost 2,000,000 internet users had been affected. The problem was later fixed in  the early hours of Sat.
How has the power to cripple one of the largest communication systems in North America? It can't be a lone guy sitting at his desk in a small town the US or alike. I'd say that was a planned Cyber Attack. Rogers called it Downtime for Maintenance and Repair! Who are you fooling? Canadians?! Yes! You can do it! After all as long as their cellphone and service is back on, they don't even care what happened since they can update their profile status and post more photos of themselves!
Fancy cars are part of Stampede. You can see really nice cars in Downtown Calgary. I think the rich collectors just brings them out during this time of the year! Not entirely true! This one, which I don't even know what it is was parked on 17th Ave., SW also called the Red Mile. There are so many beautiful girls that you can't even believe your eyes but I don't have any photos to post. I certainly don't post any photos without any consent but taking it first is a challenge. I certainly believe that you can find a quite number of the most beautiful women in the world during Stampede. 
The reality is Americans and Canadians, following them, think they can fight everyone in the world, defeat them and rule! That's not how it is! Many nations fight back. The Chinese now are so powerful that they simply parlays  the entire North America by stopping the supply. Iranians, despite a number of gaffs have become experts in many fields. Remember the American drone that was flying over Iran a few years ago? They got the control of it and landed it in their own airport! Russians are strong too. They would have captured the entire Ukraine, if dogs such as busted Boris Johnson and fools such as Joe Biden had not sent millions of dollars of weapons and ammunition to them, instead of takings care of the problems of their own countries! 
I understand that Rogers doesn't want their customer to panic but they could ease into it and be honest. But the fact that cuber attacks occur every 3 seconds in our daily lives now and that's not what I'm saying. It was a radio interview yesterday at the time that everyone was enjoying themselves during Stampede!
(Photo, top: People are walking to Stampede Park near Downtown Calgary for the first time in the past 2 years. All the restrictions are lifted and people seem to be having a good time. Who do you think even care about the source of downtime!? They are all happy that their phones are working. That's what matters. And they don't care about the $80 and something or $100 and change that they pay! The last time I participated in Stampede was 2015 and it most likely be the last time of my lifetime!)

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