Phone Interview in May

I had one interview, better to say a phone interview, last week. It was not promising because I haven't heard anything from them yet. The interviewer was a recruiter with strong British accent who made me ask her to repeat her a few times. besides that I was not at a comfortable place and had to run here and there to be able to stay away from the people around. 
It is understandable that companies cannot just hire someone to do their hiring needs but the interviewer should have a technical background or should be accompanied by a person from the employing department to be able to fully assess the candidate. She was just reading the questions and probably making notes. I did not have many good answers, I have to admit, but I usually dislike phone interviews. This is my 4th phone interview out of a total of 7 that I've had in the past 10 months or so and all have gone in vain. I felt almost very comfortable in 3 of them and I was confident but I didn't get any result from them either. 


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