Workplace Stories (14): The Certificate

It had been a very long time that I wanted to do this course and eventually one day I talked to the Screamer and explained to him the reason why I wanted to do that. I told the Repulsive Turd that there was this Continuing Professional Development which was mandatory through APEGA and he kind of bought that but said that the company would not approve of that. However he said I might want to talk to H. R. I got in touch with the H. R. lady and she said that she would have to talk to the Management!
I forgot to say that the Screamer said that the company had been advised by the head office to cut the expenses! I was about to say that a company which is in such shit situation which can not pay a $1500 course is not a place to work! Anyways I waited a few days and eventually I was notified by the H. R. lady that the management had agreed to take the course but instead of attending, I would have to take the online course. It was not a big issue although getting out of that fucking nasty office for a week, would have been a bless, had it been approved! Then the fucking Screamer advised me to reduce the cost of the course somehow and I cut the cost of the material which helped(!) the company to save an approximate total of $550 to $600. The material was available through previous purchases of the company.
I registered online for the course and shortly after I received a confirmation e-mail saying that I could go and start the courses at this web address. I, immediately after reading the e-mail, realised that the spelling of my last name was incorrect. How they could do that as I never registered over the phone and it was all printed material communicated through the web, I still don't know! It took me at least 3 to 4 e-mail exchanges to be able to have the correct name. Then when I went to start the first course, I noticed that I could not get in. It made me sending another message or two and took a bit more to be able to start studying! isn't that fucking daft!?
So here I am and studying the material alongside the available lecture-like modules and at the end of the period, when we have to submit our bi-weekly time-sheet (may be time-shit!) I asked the Screamer how many hours of study he wanted me to put and his answer is " You're not supposed to study while at work " I just said OK and left!! What a fucking asshole! So I put nothing and went about my own business, studying the whole set of modules once more before they get expired. 
I also found issues in the modules, such as grammatical errors or missing prepositions as well as technical issues that I e-mailed the organisation guy and got responses.
Eventually it was the time for exams. I tried to book exams through both telephone and e-mail and after conversations over the phone, the idiots booked me for another city!! I don't know whether the guy was drunk or on dope but that was what she did! I had to contact again to get re-booked for the city of my residence! At the examination day I was there almost on time and after the preliminary form completion and other similar administrative stuff and shortly before starting I realised that a few examinees have tablets and laptops and using them to access the materials for the open-book examinations! This had never been advised to me! Had I brought an electronic device such as those ones, I would have been able to finish the examinations faster and with less stress and mistakes. I had 5 examinations and after I finish the first one, I handed that to the old gentleman, the examination coordinator and was given the second one. Shortly after the second examination was started, which was an open-book one as well, the guy walked up to me and whispered: You didn't get enough for the first one! You failed that! I nodded but was going to say: Thanks! I really needed that encouragement and motivation! That definitely boosted my spirit and I will finish the rest with much confidence! But of course I didn't! I wrote other four examinations one after another and every few minutes he came to me to give me the good news! He did that for the next two ones and I realised that I had passed them. I didn't wait for the result of the last two and went back to the office.
I received the official result (transcript) in a few weeks and I realised that I had passed 4 out of 5 examinations. So I booked for the only one left and the booking showed 3 months gap! I studied a few times for the examination but I eventually got bored and left it. So when I went to the session for the second time I was completely out of picture. I tried my bast and got a few refreshments by searching in the book and eventually answered all of the questions.
This time it took another month to have the result back and happily this time I passed but with the teeth of my skin! I got 78% and the official transcript showed all of the examinations with their passing score. I handed the transcript attached with my invoices, a total of a little more than $1200 to the Screamer. He didn't say much surprisingly and gave it back to me signed. I, in turn, gave it to the accounting guys and hopefully I get the money in a week or so. The drawback is because I didn't practically attend the course, I am not eligible for the certificate, I guess but we'll see. Even if I do not get the certificate it worth spending time and the effort.Question here whether anyone could say what organisation it is?!
I have not heard yet from the HR woman. She was supposed to get me to her office and have me signed a paper which says I would have to pay the course fee back if I leave within a certain time! Can you believe this? What an organisation! Jerks! 


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