Sunday, July 02, 2017

CFLRS Notes (22): The Fork Story

I've already written about the bad food that is served in CFLRS and how I have to avoid eating it. This story is partially related to that:
I got my food and sat at the table with a few platoon buddies. I grabbed my fork to start eating when I realized that the fork was dirty. Food or something was stuck to it! I rose my hand and said something like: That's what I don't like the food and everything else related to that here! And then after a moment of pause I threw the fork at the side! I still don't know why I did that. It was stupid but perhaps because I'm sick of the garbage the fed us there! As soon as I threw the fork and I still was looking right at in front of me, I heard someone went: What the F**k very loudly! I turned that way and realized that was my Sergeant from the previous platoon! I had missed him probably by an inch! If I had been faster in throwing the damn fork, I would not have been here to write this. I might have been charged or something like that! I felt very bad because he was a very nice gentleman, helped me during marching drill and everything. He also accompanied me when I was sent to the hospital (hôpital as the French call it!) in the town. I apologized to him several times and he left after he gave a dirty look which I deserved!
People all around were laughing and were pleased by the scene that I had made, unintentionally, of course! I explained to them that I had buttery fingers when I grabbed that fork and it simply flew off my hand when I rose my hand and my intention was only to show them that the fork was dirty. I guess I sold that very well. I saw later that Sergeant was talking to our staff and I thought I would be in trouble for that. At least I would get a Note to File for my unduly behaviour, I thought. I was ready to narrate the same story for my staff but nothing happened. I escaped a punishment! 
(Photo: For this post I selected an interesting fork design picture)

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