Wednesday, July 19, 2017

CFLRS Notes (31): Dress Code

Every environment has its dress code, either official or unofficial. Work-place, mechanic shop, retail store, pharmacy, you name it. They all have their own uniforms or dress codes. Schools, mostly have their uniforms. I remember when I was a kid most of the school, until junior high required students or pupils to wear a uniform. It changed a little bit after the so-called Islamic Revolution. The uniforms kind of disappeared because they didn't want to create extra cost to families. 
CFLRS has its dress code. Being a military school, recruits must have their Combats on all the time during the training. After hours, and if its after induct and if their performance has been good(!) during the week, they can be in civilian cloths.
The problem is as people have lived in such open and relaxed society such as Canada's, they forget where they are when they get to CFLRS! Low cut shirts, mini skirts, mini shirts, straight jeans, all sorts of cloths which shows all their curves. 
Staff, most of the times, approach them and warn them. This usually does not lead to a Note to File₁ or something harder than that because the girls normally follow after they are warned. 
One day I was having lunch in the mass hall and two girls, who I knew, came walking while they had their trays in their hands. They both had mini-shorts on and they both had beautiful legs! Really beautiful! I admire a girl who works on her legs! I had seen one of them in the gymnasium earlier and had a little talk with her. She, though, was not the one with the more beautiful legs! One of the staff approached them and although I could not hear what they were saying, I know they were asked to go and put something on! They both put their trays down and went to their quarters to get dressed! Although it deprived me, and possibly others, from looking at beautiful legs of them (I'm obsessed with them!), I liked what the staff did! They came back after 10 minutes! They didn't look happy. The food is usually disgusting and I remember on that day it truly was awful and bland and they had to eat the cold version of it.
1) A Note to File is an indication of an undesirable action to a recruit's file. It remains with him or her as long as the file is active and is referred to. It does not have direct impact though)
(Photo: Possibly a volleyball player. The girls shorts was as short as this one and they were both kicked out of mess hall! People need to understand what to wear and where to wear it)

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