CFLRS Notes (23): PRB

PBR, in CFLRS, stands for Performance Review Board and your file is reviewed and evaluated by such board after your performance is considered poor, such as mine. I failed a number of major and minor tests and I had to sit in front of the board comprising four members: The Division Commander, the Platoon Commander, one person from Standards and another person who seemed to be some sort of comforting and aid to the interviewee.
I was nervous and intimidated at the beginning but after entering the room and talking to them I felt much better. The fact is I found that military is not the working environment that I want to be in. The people that I named them above they all were sitting there and gazing at me senseless. No emotion, no reaction, no movement, nothing! I was using my hands and smiling during my conversation because that's how I've talked to people for years but no reaction was seen from them. I don't think someone like me with such a terrible performance would want to give this opportunity another chance. The Captain went through everything and asked me about the slightest flaw that is mentioned in my profile whether it was a legitimate one or not, in my view, of course. In military they never ask for your side of the story. As soon as someone goes and tells them something about you, it is automatically part of your profile.
I told them that I wanted to request Voluntary Release but I was told that it was a separate process and I had to wait for the decision of the board. I was directed outside by the supposedly aid guy and waited there for about 10 min. When I went back in the verdict(!) was delivered as: Re-coursed to week two. I was asked if I had any question. I said no, thanked the Captain and left after I was dismissed. 
I sighed after I came out because I was expecting them to be harsher on me. I'm even denied the chance of going to the NCM and I know I would have the same issues. It was the best. 


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