The Chef's Neighbour

The Chef narrated a story of a former neighbour of his, back to the time he used to live in 15th Ave. SW neighbourhood which I think it'll be interesting to read although translation might ruin parts of it! This is what he said a few days ago when we were walking after a lunch to help digest our food:
There was this guy, originally from Iraq, who used to live a few buildings away from ours in 15th Ave., SW. I knew him from a part-time job I had. We used to say hi to each other and at times have a chat. He seemed to be a nice guy, a, probably, supervisor, or perhaps an employee of a cleaning company. What else could he have been? Chevron's C. E. O.? The Home Depot's regional manager?! He was a poor, fucked up refugee who had to leave his devastated country to became a janitor or toilet cleaner to live his life!
I saw him once walking on the sidewalk and picking the wild plants which grow irregularly here and there. He had a bag in his one hand and putting the picked plants in it. I asked him what he was doing. He said he was picking the plants which are edible and very good for body! He said he would brew them and drink them! I told him that they are not clean! Dogs and cats pee and poop here, I said. Homeless people pee here, even I've peed here(!) several times and you picked them and eat them?! He goes: Oh! It's OK! I boil them and they'll be alright! There's so much health benefit into them!


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