Tuesday, October 29, 2019

A Fully Oriental Interview

I received a call from an Oriental girl in regards to a position that I had applied, last week. I could barely understand her but she kept going! I had to interrupt her a few times and ask her to repeat herself. With lots of difficulty she wanted to let me know that they were interested in me and wanted to interview me for the position. The interview was set for yesterday, a cold, snowy and bad day for driving! Add to that being Mon. which is the day that the majority of people in North America hate it and then you 'd have to drive on a busy highway in the dark chilly morning while the wind blows snow all around and everywhere. I, however, and despite all of that reached there on time and before the Oriental girl, whom, later on, know to be from the HR and one of my interviewers! I was wowed by the building, the office and generally everything. Very clean, organized and almost everything new compared with the place that I've been working in, for the past 2 months now. I was directed to a room and then the girl showed and after a few minutes of delay the supervisor joined us, who appeared to be Oriental as well! I had heard them talking in their native language outside the room. 
The girl started the interview and they asked questions in turn. The guy was easier to understand but what caught my eyes was the girl's beauty! Shiny, silky long hair, small milky hands with beautiful fingers and nails, her lips, eyes, everything looked very delicious but I was focused! The supervisor had an eyes on the resume and at the same time was listening to my answers and seemed that he liked to hire me. He, unlike what I thought at the time, was fair. The employment condition they explained was much better what I have at the moment although it's far away and the hours suck. 
I left the premises at about 08:55 and by the time I reached worked it was 10:30! I had to go and change too. Now if this job is obtained, I can do a few things by making more money especially because I would be scheduled for more than 40 hours a week. 
(Photo: This is not taken on the interview day by the whether was quite similar. Just thought there should be a picture for this post like any others)

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