My Ticket and Freeloaders

I always hated freeloaders at public places: Public transport, cafes with internet access, parking, you name it. It specifically pissed me off when I go to a cafe for a beverage and some reading and see an asshole, cheap steps in, sits her or his ass down and starts going through his phone like a pathetic loser he or she is! For some serious businesses, there're penalty. Some others such as fast foods and cafes, they don't care much.
With that in mind I was in a McDonald's a few weeks ago, studying for an upcoming examination and enjoying a cup of coffee. Stepped out after probably more than one and a half hour. When I approached the vehicle I saw something on the windshield: It was a parking violation ticket for $63! I had parked at the very same fast food parking lot more than 50 times and had never received any ticket! I looked around and so the sign! What could I do? I paid it before it goes up and now when I go there and aim to stay over an hour, I park on the street! 
I find it ridiculous though! Is that for every McDonald's? What if there's a Playplace? I know each location is managed individually and independently but I wonder if complaining to McDonald's Canada would do anything? I didn't, of course. However I decided to go and sit in a McDonald's, possibly the very same(!) without buying anything (I only drink coffee. I don't even touch any nasty, disgusting shit that they call food in there!) and enjoy the sitting and reading or Internet service. I think I would do that as many as, at least 36 times! I mean my next 36 visits to any McDonald's in Canada(!) would not consider purchasing anything, not even a small coffee! How did I come up with number 36? It's simple: I paid $63 for that ticket and each medium coffee (the size that I normally drink) is $1.77. If you divide 63 in 1.77 you'll get 35.59 ~ 36!  It's sound like a cheap gut but that's not how a business treat its customers.
(Photo: A McDonald's lobby during a weekday and before supper time. It's not very cold or half of the seats were occupied by homeless, drug-addicts, drunkards and such!)


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