A Very Surprising Call

There's not much going on these days. Just working the damn low-paid job, coming home, have something, watch something and go to bed. The only change these days is the whether. The second snow of the season fell today on the ground and I just was having my supper that the telephone rang. This was the surprise of the life: The Mumbling Guy called! 
Some who are reading this might ask what the big deal is. It's a huge deal that the someone like him calls! In the past 4 years that we have not been working together anymore this is the first time that he calls me without me calling him or e-mailing first! I actually was thinking about him today and there he was. He, surprisingly, wanted to know how I was doing. For someone like him who doesn't care about anything but his family and his own personal life, which is very valid, don't get me wrong, it's quite surprising that calls to see how someone else is. 
Anyways we talked a bit and I gave him a twisted version of my situation which is a different story and then his wife jumped in and they talked in the native language for a bit and he got back to me after that. We decided to meet sometimes soon and that was it. It may sound a stupid post to many but what I'm wondering what makes him call me. I know some people seek pleasure in others difficulties. When we were working together he was my superior but was always nice and helpful. If there was somewhere that he has been invited to and there was no issue, he made sure he would take me. If I needed a reference, he helped but I don't think it was in his power or authority to keep me there. So I don't know. East Indians, particularly he, have all had disgusting horrible life. So one should appreciate their situation. He once told me that he had to stay away from home to get to school and had barely anything to eat and then added that his son doesn't know poverty means! That's my friend, The Mumbling Guy!
(Photo: Some facts about India. Don't get me wrong, I'm not being mean or anything. Just sharing some facts with any reader)


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