Wednesday, April 15, 2020

The Amazing Kabocha

I think this is the third week in the row that we receive out fruits/vegetables basket bonus. It always has been good. The second time a Kabocha Squash was included, something that I had never tried due to the fact that first it is not grown in the old country and therefore it has never occurred to me to come across it. Secondly it does not look very appealing considering that I regularly eat Zucchini Squash or at times if I have access to, Gray Squash which is called the amazing name of Vege Marrow by Punjabis! 
I asked Mom to make it and I feel bad now that I put her through this: It is very hard to peel and cut if you don't have a good knife and cutting board but Mom managed to do that and cooked it. The result was phenomenal! Tasty, filling and nutritious. I usually eat a lot but that day I was off and had not had any physical activity. I ate that Kabocha just by itself and I was full! 
Kabocha is originally part of Japanese cuisine and it will be on my shopping list every time I go for shopping now. There are numerous recipes available and I will enjoy them. You should do that too! 
(Photo: I usually, or better to say, mostly, add the pictures that I have taken myself. Here in this case I don't have any from the amazing Kabocha that Mom cooked because I was not expecting the result to be this great. Instead I selected this professional shot of roasted Kabocha and Whole Grain Red Rice. I shall make this dish!)

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