Monday, April 20, 2020

Impersonator Murderer

I and Farzin were in the lobby getting ready to go out a couple of weeks ago when two CPS officers showed up at the main entrance and one of them knocked on the window asking me to open it for them. I opened the door and said: " What can I do for you officer? ". The police, a young Caucasian lady who was being accompanied by a male officer, with dark skin, said: " Nothing ". They both approached the stairs without anything else to say. Farzin turned to me and whispered: " Why did you let them in?! ". I looked at him and said: " What do you mean? They are police officers in CPS uniform! ". I added: " Why are you whispering ?! " He said: " They might know Persian! ", referring to the language we were speaking. The dark skinned fella officer could be a guy who could speak Persian but I never thought of that! He repeated: " Why did you let them in? " I said: " I told you they are police officers in CPS uniform. Didn't you see that?! " He said: " How could you be so sure?! " They could have been police impersonators!! " 
The argue went on by him saying that he had seen a movie a few year ago that an impersonator in police uniform commit horrible crimes! I eventually had to make him stop by saying that I knew the lady officer(!) from before but he didn't buy it and kept bothering me for the next few days!
With that in mind, I just read that this maniac in Nova Scotia who killed the innocent people had committed his horrifying crime  by impersonating an RCMP officer! He not only was in uniform but also drove a vehicle! It's impossible to understand how he managed to get the stuff and what his motive was to massacre innocent people including a female officer who served the force for 23 years. That is what Nova Scotia RCMP says. They believe the investigation would be very hard, lengthy and complex. 
(Photo: Constable H. Stevenson, mother of two is amongst the murdered people in the shooting rampage in Nova Scotia. Deepest condolences to the family of this late strong lady)

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