Monday, April 06, 2020

The Show Must Go On

Despite the widespread of the novel virus, we have been working like horses to get the orders out, these days. Last week was the only week that we worked 5 days. The orders were a little less than usual. We're back to 5-day work schedule work this week and we will work even on Fri., which is a statutory holiday. We always worked statutory holidays! It's not something new but I thought now that the stores have limited hours maybe we don't work that much.
The employer, in the meantime, tries to show that they appreciate the employees. They have given us some of the mid-quality items and bought us lunch. Twice it was cheap(!) Pizza and I didn't even touch them! Last week though, I guess we were not working full-staff on that specific day, they served us Japanese food! 
I'm not a big fan of Oriental food in general and Japanese food, specifically. I used to enjoy Sushi but since I stopped eating White Rice, I don't eat that anymore. The Lady learnt to make great Sushi at home with the help from a Japanese classmate. That was the time I enjoyed it the most! 
On that day though I was so hungry that according to the Persian proverb " … I would eat rocks and sand "! The food was basically a combination of a small try, a bowl of soup and a smaller tray of Rice with a piece of raw or as a colleague said Smoked Fish. My tray, as I had ordered, contained Salmon and it not only looked good but tasted very good too and I finished that in a blink of an eye! All the tiredness and unwillingness to work faded away! However I only had less than one hour to go! 
(Photo: My Japanese main tray meal. I am going to find out where they got it from. I would like to try other meals as well)

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