Lazeeza: Good Appearance, Bad Taste

I wanted to have some East Indian food a few days ago and The Chef suggested to go this new little restaurant called Lazeeza in Saddle Ridge area. We went there and similar to most East Indian stores there's an attachment for sweets. There are few things that East Indians cannot live without them. Sugar is one of them and their sweets' ingredients usually have 80% Sugar! There's no other customer and we sit at a brand new set of table. A young girl approaches with two nicely bonded menus. I order Chicken Tandori and Chana Masala and The Chef the same first meal and some other legume meal. The problem started when he ordered a Corona! He, as I've written earlier, totally changes when he drinks alcohol. That was not the only problem though! We waited and waited! No one else came although many went to the sweet section and we still were waiting! 
Then a bad mistake from the restaurant appeared: The girl brought my first meal while The Chef got nothing! We had to wait another 10 minutes for his to come. Then she asks if we wanted the second meal as to brought out as well?! I don't know if this is common in some restaurants or not but I think she wanted to make sure that the meal does not get cold while we are having the first one. What if someone likes to have them together? The portions were big, as it can be seen in the above picture but there was no taste! No taste at all! No salt, no pepper, not hot! I wonder what that was! I then tried the Chana Masala which is basically cooked Chickpea in some East Indian spice but the balance of the spices were wrong! Awful! The Chef, while now under the influence of alcohol(!), was not happy either! We asked the girl to bring salt and I was then able to finish the damn meal while The Chef ordered the second Corona! The consumption of alcohol, immediately, makes him slow! It's like he gets frozen and kills his hunger too! So I had to tell him to eat his food while I helped him by eating some. My bill, after this disastrous experience was around $25 and his was about $38 because he had two Coronas and some bread. I'd never go back again until I find out that they've learned how to cook! I'd rather going to see The King
(Photo: The Chicken Tandori with a small bowl of sauce sure looks good but it was awful in taste. For those who don't know Tandor is a long vertical oven that restaurants have on the floor in India and make their meat. The sauce is basically made from Yogurt and some vegetables but even that tasted bad. There was no aroma and saltiness or any other taste for that matter. What a waste!)


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