The Never-ending Troubles of Home Ownership

I had to go to a Staples location the other day to send an Insurance Cancellation form to my bank because when I looked at the status of my mortgage I realized that they have included some $125 as Mortgage Insurance while I had declined it both when I met the damn Mortgage Specialist and when I went for the signing. These little cost add up eventually and at the end of the month you realize that all you worked has gone to different expenses which some could have easily been avoided. For example I had to pay some $5 for this shit, plus the cost of gasoline which if more than $1.05 per litre now and I wish the cost ended just right there. I have so much more until this home could be a comfortable and habitable place:

1- Bed and Mattress: around $1000

2- Computer Desk: A good one costs anything between $250 and $550, at least

3- Main Entrance lock change: Possibly around $80

3- Van for moving the major stuff in: At least $100 plus other charges such as gasoline and taxes

4- Chair and stool: Nearly $80 for both

5- Furnace set up and start up: Could be around $150 unless I go through the damn stupid manual and figure it out, plus asking questions. I will need to print the damn manual first

6- City utilities: Not known yet. It will be water and sewer, I think.

7- City refuse collection: Not known yet. Waste, organics and recyclables

8- Electricity and natural gas: Could be as high as $200 a month

9- Ladder, for home maintenance. It is required: Anything from $250 to $300

10- Washer. At least $600. And I'm not even considering a dryer

(Photo: Home ownership is a dream for many these days in today's world particularly for people who come from overpopulated countries such as India and China. You barely see any Indian as a tenant unless he is single or it is the beginning of his journey in Canada. There was a piece of shit asshole Indian or as it's said here East Indian in one of the companies that I used to work for and he used to come to work on Fri. when almost everyone was off to look for apartment just after 1 month of working. I wish I could break the motherfucker's greedy neck with one kick only!)


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