Wednesday, September 23, 2020

A New Way of Assessment

With all the unemployment these days companies which need people have become creative to how make the process of hiring easier for them. There was a good position posted a couple of nights ago which I decided to apply. Good in a sense that it was only 10 min. from my new place, almost a good pay and right in my ally. I tailored my resume and sent it through, of course, Indeed. I received a message immediately after that asking me to do an assessments! I was so tired that I hardly could keep my eyes open but decided to do it! The first assessment, yes there were two(!), was comprised of a series of simple physics questions. They were not hard but in my situation they were as difficult of doing a hike after 9 hours of hard labour work! Then there were the same number of question, these ones in a sort of logic format and again not hard but needed thinking and focusing. Both I was not able to do very well at the time. I sent the results and we'll see what will happen. I'm not very optimist about it. 
(Photo: To me this is one of the most disturbing pictures that one could see. Unemployed people are lined up to file for benefit in Frankfort, Kentucky)

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