Sunday, September 13, 2020

The Long Move

I finally moved to the new place but not completely! What I mean is I haven't brought everything in yet! I bought a Bloom from Sleep Country and a chair from Ikea and that's basically the furniture! I have my internet installed and have been using my laptop. I need to get many things including my stuff but it's hard due to the distance and not having many days off and I don't want to take any days because of the nature of the work. It's not so bad so far. The neighbourhood is quiet and there hasn't been many issues yet but the assholes who lived in the place! The jerk and her psychopath bf left me  indicating that they were waiting for something in the mailbox and wanted me to notify them by the number they had left, when I see that. In the meantime it was a cold night when I moved in and I didn't know how the hell to work the damn thermostat. So I called the fucking bitch! She didn't answer and then I sent a number of text messages. No answer again! And then I call again and this time the asshole bf of hers picked up and after yelling at me hung up! 
I bet if I was Caucasian this would have not happened but it's okay. I can't change people. In the meantime we have other type of people here in this society as well. The other day I parked near the house and popped the trunk to get my things out but forgot and went in! I then heard the doorbell rang! It was one of the neighbours who wanted to tell that I had left the trunk open. He introduced himself and we even shook hands. I, of course washed my hands after that. 
(Photo: I brought a set of Esperso cups from the old country more than 18 years ago and never had the chance to use them until today when I enjoyed a hot cup!)

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