Monday, August 30, 2021

Stupid Dreamers!


At times I write about subject that they don't relate to this part of the world but indirectly they do, particularly to an immigrant, who I am one of them. It was in the news today that the American forces left Kabul one day before their deadline arrives and Taliban, in response to that, celebrated by shotting in the air! 
When the US and their allies invaded Afghanistan in 2001, their goal was to deafet Taliban and capture Osama Bin Ladin. The second one was achieved 10 years later, in 2011 and although they had no plan to stay in the country for such a long time, they did. Then they invaded Iraq, for the second time in 2003, went all the way to Baghdad, overthrew Saddam and settled down there. It was at this point that a bunch of stupid Iranians as well as a number of other idiots from other parts of the world(!), came up with this idea that now that Iran has been surrounded from three ways (they considered the American ships' presense in Persian Gulf to be the third side), this means that if Iran does something that the US Government doesn't like, something as much as a terrorist attack or cruelty to its own people, the US will pour forces into the country and will LIBERATE(!) it from the Islamic Republic regime!!
Two members of Taliban with their American(!) rifles and their white flag in the back
What a stupid bunch of idiots and day dreamers! 17 years has passed and the US not only hasn't done anything (rather than killing a top Revolutionary Guard commander, Ghasem Soleimani, and that was because they blamed him for a number of Americans' death), but also has withdrwan from both Iraq and Afghanistan
They left Afghanistan in limbo(!), in a such a socking situation that after a week people still don't know what to do!!! Banks are closed, universities have no classes, women and girls are barely seen on the streets, people are being killed here and there by Taliban and yet Iranian people are waiting for Americans to come and save them!!!!
Let's hope that people learn this lesson that if something has to be done, it must be done by themselves. relying on foriegn forces is just a dive in vain! As we say in Persian: If you wait for youir neighbour to bring you something, you'll go to bed hungry!
(Photo: Just to show where these three countries are located to each other in western Asia, where some idiots call it Middle East!!!! Where the hell then is upper and lower East?! Assholes?!)

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