Thursday, August 12, 2021

A Private War

A Private War is a type of movie that you can see it from all different angles and ask many questions about it. First I have to indicate that if I like a movie, I usually watch it way more than 1 time. This one, I originally I thought I would because it's about a female reporter who goes to a number of most dangerous places in the world to report what is going on in there but when I saw a typical Caucasian female who continuously uses coarse language, smokes like an old locomotive and does many other things that we all know and there's no need to mention them here, because they believe they're free and independent(!), I got turned off and couldn't watch it any more. I'd like to elaborate on what I mean: I'm not against free and independent women. I'm against turning to a trash! Hanging out in the bars, smoking cigarette and Marijuana, having casual sex regularly, like it's your daily coffee(!), swearing constantly, there all are not signs of being independent and free! These are signs of going down in a stinking toilet that coming back up is very hard if not impossible! I, in fact, faced one of these women the other day. I was driving home and there was a pothole on the road. I saw it on time and slowed down and the car behind me, which was being driven by a Caucasian woman got so close that I thought she's hit me. Then she immediately showed her real trash side of her, which by the way is the whole her! She extended her middle finger for no reason! So here, I have a different reaction and it doesn't matter if the driver is male or female. Here is what I did: I got out and approached her. She rolled the window down and I asked her what the problem was. I asked also if she had seen the bump. She said there was no stop sign there and asked why I had stopped?! I said: You're setting up a good example for your son and pointed at the young blond guy, probably 12, on the passenger side. The trash at this moment says: He's not my son! I said: Whoever! You're a wonderful lady! And she rolled the window up! I went back to the car, put the hazards on and just sat! If people become asshole trashed, then I will become a pain in the ass! I simply sat there and eventually she had to back up and fuck off! 
Now with that short story in mind, the main character of A Private War is a woman quite similar to the character that I've explained above. 
The first question coming to mind is why a movie of such should be made?! I know nobody in the States would like to watch a movie about what is going on in Afghanistan or Iraq unless there's some (fake) heroism and firefight in it! Remember The American (Hoax) Sniper?! Or Lone (Fictional) Survivor?! These are stories about Iraq and Afghanistan, respectively, which the American audience watched, praised and I assume, enjoyed. Regardless of the fact that it was known, publicly, later that Chris Kyle was a lair and apart from what I believe about the main character of the second movie, Marcus Lutterll, and that is, most of the things we see in the movie is based on the guy's imagination and his ability of making up stories(!), A Private War, has none of them. So again the question is: Who would be interested in a movie about an average American woman's last 10 years of life?! She was a war correspondent who travelled to Sri Lanka, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria but she went there because she was not able to live a normal mother's life! No that because she cared about any of those people. She had nothing else to do and her marriage was broken, so she thought she'd get as far as possible from her failure (I'd probably do that too!) and make herself busy with something. 
I wonder if she wanted to become another Oriana Fallaci! I haven't read her complete biography but I think Fallaci and this woman, Marie Colvin, had a few things in common. Would I recommend the movie? No! Not only for the unlikable (to me) character but also for the same reason that I explain why there was no need to make this movie in the first place! I always admire Fallaci and I enjoyed, very much, her books including Nothing and So Be It and If the Sun Dies but that's not relevant. I'm going to end the post here and ask you not to watch the movie! 
(Photo: Rubles in the city of Homs in Syria where Colvin was killed in 2012) 

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