Thursday, August 26, 2021

Mission Impossible 8: Escape from Afghanistan

Afghans racing to catch a plane to the US!
I'm sure most of people have seen at least one or even more parts of Mission Impossible movie franchise. I only have seen the first one and as it was in the old country and long time ago, I barely remember anything. I'm not a fan of shit show movies (call it action!) so if there's a movie without a good story but lots of shooting, explosion and such, I won't bother watching. I'm not sure if that applies to Mission Impossible series but the last one that I watched a clip of it, was the one that Tom Cruise was hanging from a plane and then the plane took off!
There was another movie in the 90's which I actually saw in the mid 2000's(!) after I bought it's DVD here in Canada, called Escape From L. A. This was quite entertaining but due to the lack of CGI (Computer Generated Imagery), the special effects look ridiculous, maybe to today's eyes!
Now imagine these two movies combined and you don't have to have watched any of them! There's a mission that it sounds impractical or you can even call it impossible. That mission is escaping from Afghanistan, a landlocked country with nothing! The movie's screen writer is a group of American politicians and it's director is Joseph Biden! There're a few idiots, in addition to the main idiots(!), here and there, who have little roles or responsibilities, such as Little Justin Trudeau
The movie is now in theatres near you but you have to run because there're a few days left only! Taliban, who have gained control of most of Afghanistan have set up a deadline for evacuation of foreign forces and their allies and that is, I think, is August 31. It's funny that the entire Afghan National Army, after being supported and supplied by Americans for nearly 2 decades, gave up and the Taliban took over the entire landlocked country(!) in nearly 10 days! There's no doubt that there has been talks and negotiations behind the scenes but I don't understand why countries, including the US, Canada, and others should waste their resources and supplies for 20 years and then give up everything in a week! But I do understand that it's a business. Many companies benefited from these 20 years of conflict and many businesses were running, money was in circulation, jobs were created and so on. From a Capitalism point of view these all make sense. It's all about money. When money is rolling, it is okay to do whatever that causes the circulation and once it's not worth it, everything must stop.

(Photo, top: Tom Cruse in a scene of Mission Impossible 7. Don't ask me how he has pulled off this stunt as I've neither seen the movie nor the stunt clip. It's available on the net. I guess Afghans saw the movie and then said If Tommy can do it, We can do it too! We'll hang onto the plane and we're gonna get us to the land of dreams!)

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