Friday, January 28, 2022

A Note on the Door

There're a couple of hot topics in the news these days and since I'm not interested in neither of them, because most of the news is bullshit, these days, I'm only mentioning the one that somehow I am related to it. Bank of Canada has decided to increase the interest rate and I'm not sure if it has or not yet but what I do know is that the housing market at almost every corner of the country has been flooded with customers whom their offers, at times, have been $100,000 higher than the asking price! Some house hunters even, they said, skip home inspection which might cause them issues later after possession is made. 
With that in mind, when I got home the other day I saw a note on my door. First I thought it was from one of these silly neighbours who want me to do something! " Shit! What the hell do they want this time? " That's what I asked myself. I went inside and looked at the note and it was from a local real estate agent who wanted to know if I would have liked to sell the house! 
I just have moved in less than 15 months ago and I'm in no mood to move out, search for a new place and move in, particularly in damn winter. So I just left the note on the desk! The funny thing was the municipality's Tax Note and Assessment Value. They have just increased the tax, a bit, meaning the property's value has gone up and then the Value Assessment which came after that, a few days later, confirm it.
(Photo: I was expecting something bad the moment I saw the damn note on the door!)

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