Tuesday, January 25, 2022

The " Why Not " Story

There's not much going on in life. Just going to work and coming home. Having something, going to bed and the next day, same shit! Whether is a bit milder. That's the only difference. Not that it's a good sign. Global warming and we will have a hell of a summer this year. So no that there's not much going on, I'd like to say the story of this older Caucasian fella who used to work with me in the same company some 8 years ago and I'd like it Why Not! Why " Why Not "? No! It was not what he would use often. The phrase " Why Not " if changed somehow, gets you to his first name and because I don't want him to be known, I'd use this nickname for him here in the post!
This fella, who is over 60 years of age used to be all over the world! From Alaska to Iran to Thailand and other corners of the world which people cannot even dream to be there. he started as a welder and now is a sort of office guy but because he has difficulty working with everyone(!) and has attitude problem, he cannot stay at one workplace for too long. I contacted him in regards to the project we were hoping to accomplish, last summer. His problem is he has a good start and all of a sudden for no reason, stops responding to you! Obviously he has serious behavioral problems but what can I do? I just leave it. I remember when he left the company he called me to his office (He used to sit next to me and complained about not being comfortable where he was and then they gave him and office and he didn't last there long! He quit!), and gave me his telephone number and e-mail address and asked me to stay in touch. Fair enough. No contact was made until one day that I was in The Mumbling Guy's office and we decided to give him a ring to see how he was doing. As soon as he heard it was The Mumbling Guy he went: " What do you want ? "!!! I was surprised as why he was acting like a jerk! I don't remember how the rest of the friendly(!) conversation went and it doesn't matter but apparently he was not happy that we were still employed and he probably was out of work! I knew he had joined JACOS (I think they are not operating now) but probably was out of there when we were on phone with him. 
This time I though I should give him the taste of his own medicine! So I contacted him and I said that if he was interested, the project is at the stage that his expertise would be soon needed and he could join. He showed interest and I waited one week(!) to send a follow up message to him. This time his response was short! He only thanked me! I'm sure he hasn't sensed anything but I'm going to leave it for a long time and then probably send him another bullshit e-mail! 
(Photo; I truly hope that he feels as horrible as this person when he's waiting for my responses in regards to the position!)

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