Saturday, January 29, 2022

A (more than a) Month Long Wait

I finally received my copy of The Endless River in mail, yesterday. I had ordered it before Christmas. So it took more than a month to arrive! My original thought was to give it to The Blue Eyes Lady as a Christmas gift! What a stupid idea! I haven't even had a chance to ask her out! Let alone to find myself in a situation to give her a Christmas gift! I know everyone likes a gift and as a person who works for the same company as she does, I still give her the gift and tell her the truth. In fact yesterday shortly before leaving I saw her and she waived at me but when I was going to her office, I realized she had gone! 
I'm going to make the move this Mon. and if things go well, maybe I even don't open the disk and keep it for her and tell her the truth! Apart from that the album is amazing. Purchase and enjoy. You can get it from Pink Floyd's official website.
(Photo: The cover of The Endless River, by Pink Floyd. The album was originally released in late 2014 and is a collection of different songs created, played and recorded in different years)

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