Wednesday, November 29, 2017

16 Years Gone

I'm so freaking tired that I have no intention to write but I wanted to get a few lines done on this specific but not very happy day. 16 years ago a day like this I landed in Canada as an immigrant and now after all those years I was sweeping part of the facility that I've been working in for a little over a month! I was told on Mon. I would have to learn working with a certain machine and to be certified on that if I wanted to stay at the job. Of course I didn't want to but while all of the efforts to get a meaningful and well-paid jobs has gone nowhere so far, what can I do? I have to get that damn certificate to be able to work and then exert more energy and effort to get something better.
My plan for today was to go to a restaurant next to the hotel that I spent my first two days and have something. Instead I stopped by, took a photo and drove to a café to work on my volunteer job as I have to deliver a certain number of items by the end of the month.
Husky House Restaurant at the corner of 32 Ave., NE and Barlow Tr. I remember I visited there at least once the second day I arrived in Calgary and sent a message to a buddy of mine asking him to contact Mom and let her now I was safe! I didn't go in today as I have become a picky eater and careful with money but might check that out later to see what it has become after 16 years and to see if I can recall anything!
It might be embarrassing but my plan also included to visit one of a few adult stores nearby(!) to check to see what they have! The last time I visited an adult store was with K. P. back in 2003 when we used to hand out a lot and that was in 17th Ave., SW. That store closed down many years ago. There was another one just a few steps away and that one was closed as well and now is a restaurant. Although I had no intention to buy anything, as that would probably felt embarrassing as well inside the store, I even didn't go there. After spending probably 2 hours on what I explained above I headed home. Had a little supper and now I'm writing these. Getting ready for bed in about hour and half. Some might celebrate the anniversary of their arrival. I have nothing to celebrate. I just survive! 
(Photo: Super 8 motel at the corner of 32 Ave., NE and Barlow Tr. where I spent the first 2 night of my life in Canada back in 2001. A disgusting Pakistani was the receptionist and when I came back from McDonald's across the street told me that the food was not freaking Halal(!) meaning not prepared and cooked based on Islamic laws. I don't recall what I told him at the time but I certainly remember that I ignored him!)

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