Monday, November 06, 2017

Affects of Extreme Cold

The real Albertan winter is here and people's complaint has started! So have road accidents! What amazes me the most is the amount of nagging and complaining from people, mostly Canadians as well as numerous road crashes, mostly, on the first day! The temperature plummeted to -17 ℃ the other day and it was really cold when wind was blowing. I left my mobile phone in the vehicle when went to work in the morning. It was dead when I reach into it at about 11:30! The telephone was completely frozen in term of service! The message No SIM Card was seen on the screen although I thought that the new telephones don't have SIM Card! I took it inside with me when the temperature was obviously higher, something around 20 ℃! I even restarted it once but didn't make any difference! I guess it came back to life after almost 1 hour or so.
I had another similar experience with my Chromebook! I must have a separate post about how fantastic Chromebook is despite the nonsense idiots say, including a dickhead scum in WestHills BestBuy but the problem would have happened to any computer. The extreme low temperature shuts down the main chip and it needs a certain time to go back to life when it's brought back to normal temperature.
The other object which suffers from cold temperature is wire! The includes GPS connection wire or a mobile phone's charger wire. It becomes so stiff that it cannot be bent to reach the device.
Apparently the sudden and significant change of temperature, mainly in Calgary, due to Chinook Effect, has affects on human body which is subject of a different post but I guess I read once that there are people who suffer from this condition.
(Photo: A very cold night in Calgary. This picture was taken in last Feb. in downtown)

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