Poor Malcolm Young

AC/DC has always been one of my favorite bands and I always follow their news. I guess it was a few year ago that it was announced that one of the Young brothers, Malcolm had been diagnosed with Dementia. From what I have read about the illness, all that I can say is that's it evil. It appears to be a wide range of symptoms that affect brain. It's associated with decline in memory and thinking skills severe enough to reduce the person's ability to perform every day's abilities. 
Malcolm Young, the co-founder of one of the greatest Rock bands of all time, AC/DC during one of numerous performances of the band. Their performance in Moscow, shortly before collapse of  the USSR is an unforgettable one.
I can imagine what must have happened to poor Malcolm in the past 3 years with that kind of disease, if it could be called disease. He eventually died yesterday at the age of 64 in Sydney, Australia
(Photo, top: Young Malcolm Young. This picture for sure, was taken years after his family migrated to Australia from Scotland)


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