Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Stupid Request by Stupid Idiots!

I read, as well as heard that in the news that Native people in a reserve near Calgary have suggestions or requests to change the name of a number of places in the province including Calgary, Canmore and I guess a few mountains and so! Have you heard something as stupid as this?!
This country and more specifically its Native people have so many issues and all these idiots think of is changing the names of cities and towns after 150 years!!
A Native (or as the media like to call them here, Indigenous) woman sleeping on public transportation. Would a normal woman sleep like this during the day on a train car? Fix these kind of stupidity and then think of changing the freaking names!
There's no week passing without seeing an Ape-like, filthy, stinking Native guy with shabby cloths walking around looking for an opportunity to rob people or hurt someone. There's barely any week going by without seeing Native people, men and women hanging out around downtown, at times drunk and barely able to balance themselves. The issue of kidnapped and killed Native women is a big one in this country and all these geniuses came up with is changing the names!!
As its said: The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has it's limits! What could you achieve by changing a name? And after 150 years! Change your disgusting attitudes and culture of laziness and being parasite! 
(Photo: I took this photo form the summit of Grotto Mountain looking down the Town of Canmore in Sep. of 2014. It was an amazing ascend reaching the 2706 m. (8877 ft.) summit although it should be mentioned here that the difficulty of an ascend does not solely depend of the elevation of the mountain. Other factors are involved. Native people would like to change the name of this town!)

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