Bad Injury

Ten employees, or seven, I'm not sure, were tested positive for Corona Virus more than 2 weeks ago at my workplace and the employer tried to keep it quiet because they don't want to be shut! The business is booming and no company, which is doing well in this bad situation that mostly are suffering, wants to close down. So they have used every measure and they are operating full time.
I, at the same time, unluckily, if I could say that, got injured and missed 11 days from work. if the injury is not too severe, you wont be off work and if it's not severe, again, you're not going to have a pleasant time, just because you're off work. There were night that I couldn't sleep more than 2 hours as a result of the extreme pain. I'm a bit better now (not that anyone cares!) and back to the workplace but I do light duties which is mentally painful! Besides now I am on the edge as the employers usually don't like injured or sick employees but that was the Assistant Operations Manager suggestion to go back. I could be home and get 90% of my wage, provided by the WCB but I didn't wanna argue with the evil woman
I did a few job applications but with the market not being too good, I still have no choice but hanging to this job. Hopefully I can go back to my job in less than two week and end the mental torture! The physical usual pain then will start!
(Photo: The injury is to a part of the hand but I don't have to use a sling!)


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