Saturday, June 26, 2021

Shutting Down an Asshole

Month of June is about to end without anything special. Just going to work and coming back home. The only thing which has been different in this month was my injury that has put me on a miserable light duty until the end of the month. One other thing happened and despite the fact that it's not important, I though I should write about it because it's better than not writing at all! 
Lazy Ass sent me a few messages indicating that he needed to talk to me, 5 days ago. That's his habit. I, with some delay responded and asked him what he wanted. he said that he needed to tell me on the phone. We talked and it appeared that he needed money! This is not the first time that piece of shit asks for money. You imagine this scenario:
  • Young male at the age of 27. Born and raised here
  • No education. I doubt that he has finished high school
  • Lives at his father's house and rents outs the other rooms
  • Claims he has clients that he guide them to be fit. A sort of exercise/work-out-body builder coach!
  • Has a belly that makes her breath like a buffalo and prevents him from walking easily! Let alone running!
  • Eats shit food constantly, 3 to 4 times daily from fast food joints and cheap East Indian take-outs! Lost of nasty White Rice (which East Indians cannot live with!), Bread (Roti and similar shit) and lots of meat of different kind
  • He owns lots of action figure of a famous character that I don't know (and don't care about!). He claims that each worth $100 or more! 
  • He bout a big screen television, I guess, 85" or around that size and that's his pride! He lays down on the bed and watches stupid B-Movies or plays childish video games, sometimes for hours and hours! 
Would you lend an asshole like this even a Penny
I told him that I would call him tomorrow. I didn't! He called and I didn't pick up! He then called the next day and this time I picked and I greeted him very nicely. He said that he called me and I didn't pick up! I told him that the telephone must have been in the closet (the locker!) or I was away! He said that I had said that Io would call! I said I had said I would call if I got the money but I didn't! So I didn't call! Then I made up a story about the two people who I usually go to, if I have a monetary problem and how one turned me down and the other one didn't answer the phone! He asked me about my credit cards after I told him that I had not been paid since Jun.05 and I said I only have a few dollars left(!) which I will be using them for grocery and gasoline! He bought them all and we said goodbye!
I could have simply not answer his call again or tell him to go fuck himself but I wanted to paly with him! If he calls next time, I would tell him that his father was one of the people whom I reached to for money and he was the one who didn't answer my call referring to the argument that I had with his father, actually, about a month ago and we have not talked since! This will complete my story and in this way I keep the relationship open while refusing his request, politely but in a fake manner!
(Photo: This picture can be interpreted in two different ways: 1- I shut him down by the fake story I made but politely and without hurting him. 2- I showed him this sign that my bank is closed! Not because it's passed the business hours. It's out of funds!)

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