The Art of Making Espresso

Mom bought me an Espresso Machine last month. She was insisting that she wanted to buy something as house warming and eventually we came up with Cafe Roma by Breville. Espresso is an Italian method of brewing coffee beans and if I wanted to explain the difference between espresso and coffee, to someone who does not know, I would say that if you consider coffee as Beer (which has low percentage of alcohol, usually not more than 6% at the most), then espresso is Vodka which doesn't have less than 40% alcohol. Apart from all the above, purchasing an expensive machine does not guarantee a good espresso. First of all this one is not considered a very expensive machine. Breville makes $800 home espresso machines as well but what the manufacturer says is making espresso is an art. 
If you got the float(!) on your espresso and if it's think enough, that's when you realize that your espresso is close to what's supposed to be
They are right you need to be patient and do everything according to the instructions, step by step or the result will not come out satisfactory. I have tried the machine twice only and the results have not been bad but I need to work harder to become an espresso artist!
(Photo: Cafe Roma Breville espresso maker. The glass cup is mine)


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