Saturday, August 27, 2022

A Tiring Test

I received an invitation to write a test a couple of weeks ago. I didn't know what it was or when I had applied for that position! It's mainly because I'm very tired at times and have a lot on my mind. I read the e-mail and remembered what it was about: An administrative position with the CBSA
No offence to the CBSA but I found the test very degrading and of course I'm not going to reveal anything here as I've signed before doing it but that was traumatizing! When I read the posted position I didn't really realize that it was for that kind of job. Doing the test made me aware but I couldn't go past the 15th question or so! Again, I appreciate the CBSA giving me this opportunity and it'd have been great, if I had been strong enough to pass the exam (which the results have not been posted yet) but it was impossible for me! 
Part of the problem was where I was sitting for the exam(!) and the other part was the stress I was under to get back to work because I was, at the time, still in probation! My desk is next to the window and when sun comes up in the morning the extreme light bothers my eyes so much and that is because the curtain is thin. That is mainly why I do anything on computer down the stairs in the morning where my laptop is. 
To provide the short version of the story, I stopped the exam., I think, after the 15th or 16th questions and headed to work. My main reason for applying for the position was:
1) It is a permanent position. Who wouldn't want that?! 
2) It's indoors. It's an office position. In comparison to mine which is 95% outdoors!
3) I would have traveled less than the half of what I do now on daily basis! 
4) Room for growth
These sort of problems only happen to the people who get derailed from their goals, such as me. The people who make serious mistakes in their lives and to the people who have no one to give directions to them or support them through their lives. I'm one of them and that's why my life is this mess at this age. I hope you're not one and won't make the same mistakes I've made.
(Photo: The CBSA offers fantastic positions throughout the country and hires regularly. If you're not as weak as I am, apply for one and you're set for life)

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