Tuesday, August 30, 2022

America's Gift to the World

I was driving home last Fri. and saw a certified(!) copy of America's gift to the world in the City of Calgary, which is called the Heart of the new West! This city and in fact the entire country has been turned to the new Toilet of the Old West! Here's a villager from Afghanistan in his traditional clothing and a bag, looking lost in the heart of the new west! This is one from millions of Afghans who started leaving their country when the fundamentalists, backed and supported by the US, Pakistan and some Arab countries, started destroying the country. When the Soviets cross into Afghanistan first in 1979 it was for the purpose of stopping that country from going backwards where the Taliban and other US backed and founded groups(!) including Al-Qaeda wanted. Sadly it didn't work because all the above countries found and still find a backward Afghanistan a better country for themselves! I have nothing against the poor people of Afghanistan who have been suffering for more than 40 years and I'm sure this man here in this above picture does not want to be clueless and humiliated here but who is responsible for that? It is true that Taliban was created by the US and people were educated and trained in Pakistan but I do not believe anyone forced them to join up. That, in fact, was their choice. 
Taliban Fighters all with all Soviet made machine Guns called PK
They believe in Islam and that was and still is Islam! Even last August when Taliban started their way towards the major citifies, whose fault it was that they captured the power easily?! Every one in their pathetic government and so-called security forces(!) flee like a rabbit! They didn't care about their city, town, family, their nation and their country. And now the rest of the world should pay for that and the people of Afghanistan should suffer, no matter in or out!
(Photo: The poor Afghan refugee. You can see the confusion and suffer in this guy despite the fact that it is not a clear picture) 

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